Domination Within the Circle


Anthony Silva, Crown Staff

This season was one to remember for Marian Central’s Adam Konopka (12) after ending with an impressive record of 28-6. Konopka has put six years of his life into the sport of wrestling. He joined in seventh grade: a decision that would greatly affect his life and mold him into the man that he is today. Of all his time wrestling, senior year was a great for Adam in the fact that he was a part of the all-conference wrestling team. When asked about this season, Konopka said, “I’ve had some improvements from last year, coming off a losing record to getting 28-6 this year.

”“Domination” Adam said is the best part of the sport, and “cutting weight” is by far the worst, but teaches discipline to wrestlers. When asking his fellow teammate Conor Smith  about Adam’s dominance in wrestling, he explained, “ Adam is the definition of Dominance because of his physical size and the amount of work that he put in this year… he truly was a warrior at heart”.  The grind of practice and matches is tough on the athlete, but Konopka believes that the outcome outweighs the difficulties, and helped form him into a hard-working athlete that is willing to persevere and sacrifice for his love of the sport.

Wrestling season takes a mental and physical toll on its participants, however Konopka accepts these challenges. From October to March, he can be usually be found training for wrestling and perfecting his skills on the mat. When asking Adam what motivates him to keep working in the wrestling room even though in some cases he must follow a strict diet to maintain his weight class, he replied, “I hate losing”. This hate for losing drives Adam to work harder when he doesn’t want to and be better when he is already performing at his best.