Drama Queen (Literally)


Olivia Suarez, Crown Staff

As a senior, Rebecca Corn has been in 11 productions in total and 8 of them have been at Marian.  Right now she is thinking about minoring at college for theater. I asked her what got her interested into theater in the first place and she said “ I’m not particularly athletic so this was a way to get involved without playing a sport, also I just love the way shows come together, the rush that comes with a good performance is unbeatable.”

Going along with a show coming together is that she was a student director for one of the shows. “ I loved being able to direct and organize a show, but I also loved helping bring all the pieces of a show together, but performing is just so fun and a lot less stress. Her opinion to get rid of nervous jitters before the show is to “ pump up the jams in the dressing room and dance and sing your hearts out”. Even though she has only had small parts she is amazingly talented and will be singing in the variety show this year.

One of her favorite memories from practice is “ Erin Sullivan teaching me how to do the polka the day of the opening show, because one of the girls was sick so I was filling in.” At the end of every show the musical cast have a tradition of singing Olé after all of the casts hard work has paid off. She says “ I’m going to miss that so much if I do theater in college”.  From another source says Rebecca is very talented and that her role in the musical didn’t really show all of her true potential. She leads with love, a lot of the underclassmen respect and care about her, because she takes charge in an organized manner. Her ideas were always different and interesting, that other people wouldn’t think about. Rebecca has a God given talent not only on stage as an actress, but as personality too.