Farewell, Father Doyle

Father Doyle’s homilies were often filled with interactive portions, such as asking students and teachers trivia questions for prizes.



Marian has been blessed to have had Father Doyle for eight years. Unfortunately, our time with him has come to an end. While his time here was short, he has definitely left a mark that will last forever. He has touched many people’s lives and he will continue to touch them wherever he goes. People only say good things when talking about Father. English teacher Mrs. Widhalm comments , “Father Doyle has a gift with words. He has answered countless questions, with honesty and compassion, inspired a multitude of students to follow their Catholic faith, and left Marian Central Catholic with wisdom which will be present here always.”

Father has been involved a lot over the years. Just last year, he started a new tradition, The Black Box show. This is a play where the audience sits on the stage while the actors perform. Now that Father is leaving, the hope is that this tradition will continue and hopefully someone will step up and direct. Many of the students that performed in the show will miss him very deeply. Brooke Rodden (10), who acted in this year’s Black Box show, says, “I will miss everything about him. He wasn’t just a director, he also got the time to know us personally and so he’s our friend. He’s also the priest that we can go to for anything.”  

He wasn’t just a director, he also got the time to know us personally and so he’s our friend.”

— Brooke Rodden (10)

Not only was he in charge of The Black Box show, but he also prepared the retreat leaders in leading the underclassmen on their spiritual journey. The retreat leaders will also miss him dearly.  Retreat leader Kris Shepard (12) explains , “His encouragement for us to be open and genuine with one another as retreat leaders had a huge impact with how we led and ultimately led to better retreats.” Father will deeply be missed in the halls of Marian next year and we hope he will come visit but his memory will last forever.