Marian’s Picasso


Kailin Fortin, Crown Staff

Senior Mikayla Knuth has been involved with art from a very young age. Art is and has always been a very large part of her life. Just by looking at her artwork, one can tell how talented and passionate she is about artwork, as Mikayla says, “I don’t just love making art, I love to be around it”.

Much of her free time is spent creating art, her go-to art form is pen sketches, specifically ones of people and anatomy. Knuth’s favorite work she has ever done is a large oil pastel elephant she did in art class. She has entered series of portraits of friends and family and watercolor paintings into the Women’s Art Show at the Woodstock Courthouse. Art has even given her an afterschool job, at Inebriated Artist Café and Studios where she is a painting assistant and gives painting tips to students coming in for classes.

Her tip for anyone interested in art is to “have a positive mindset, and keep drawing until you develop a style, and remember art is supposed to be a fun and creative outlet!” Mikayla also encourages anyone who is interested to take art classes, as it is a good way to be exposed to all different forms of art and helps an artist to form a style. She will be attending Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and plans to pursue graphic design as her minor with a major in English. Mikayla Knuth is clearly a role model for students at Marian Central in both her talent and dedication to the class.