Ryan Klinger: Softball Star

Ryan Klinger (12) is often described as the jokester of the girls softball team. Whether it be at practice, on the bus, or warming up for a game, she is always making her teammates laugh. Her coach, Mrs. Widmayer describes her as both “energetic and spunky,” and always having fun. The 2017 season will earn her her fourth varsity letter for Marian. The second baseman and outfielder is best known for her speed, fielding, and slugging abilities on the field, and off the field, she is the heart of the girls’ softball team.

Ryan has been on the diamond for 11 years now, playing baseball for 5 years and softball for 6. Along with Marian softball, she has played competitive travel softball for the Crush Tidal Waves organization for these 6 years. “High school softball is much different from travel because there is a much different group of girls, coaches, and overall atmosphere.” says Ryan, “The weather is much colder for high school because it is a spring sport and we play travel in the heat of summer.” She is close friends with her teammates on both teams, having played with the same travel team for five years and four seasons of high school ball. She credits the success of her teams to the friendships formed with teammates, saying, “How the team gets along really helps us win games. We all know each other well and know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, so we can help where we need to. Communication is a major part as well; if we don’t communicate then nothing will work well.” Her coach, Mrs. Widmayer describes Ryan as a wonderful asset to the team. She says Ryan “exudes positivity to her teammates and cheers everybody on. Her presence as a senior motivates the underclassmen to perform well as a team.”

    Ryan credits the team’s success to how well her teammates get along. The team works hard at practice, and has fun on bus rides and also team breakfasts. He favorite memory would  be going out to breakfast as a team. “Once every year we go to the Three Brothers Restaurant for breakfast and just talk and have fun,” says Ryan, “ It’s one of the team bonding things we do every year and it gets better every time we go.” She is thankful to have such a good group of teammates and friends to play with. There is never a dull moment, and they are always having fun. She says, “The most fun for me I think happens on the bus rides. If we have a far away game we’ll bring a speaker and play music and we all sing at the top of our lungs.” There is never a boring moment on the girls’ softball team, and this can be credited to Ryan Klinger.