The “Key” to Success

Key Club Spotlight: Kelly Mink

Mink at a Key Club conference with fellow member Regina Antoinetti (11).

Jenna Walker, Crown Staff

After four years of being involved in Key Club, Kelly Mink (12) has to say good bye. Sophomore year she decided to take the role and responsibility of becoming a member of the office, Iolian Editor. As a junior, she was elected Vice President of Statistics, and finally, in her senior year, she became the president of the club. Being the president of a club is a big responsibility because she is in charge of all the meetings and putting the events together. Mink puts all of her effort in everything she does in this club to make sure that everyone is having fun while helping those in need.

Mink became involved in Key Club through her sister, Megan. “She loved the club so I thought I’d try it out – and I loved it too,” explains Mink. By doing many service projects, “She has seen how small acts of kindness can make a difference in the lives of many. I’ve realized how I can make an impact on someone’s life through my time playing cards at a nursing home or volunteering at a food bank. No matter what I do, Key Club has taught me to leave a little bit of happiness wherever I go.” Key Club isn’t just about doing service projects. It’s about growing as a person and learning social skills. By helping others, it also helps us be more humble and grateful for the things we have.

Mrs. Kelly, one of the English teachers here at Marian, is in charge of the Club, and without her, there would be no Marian Key Club. Mrs. Kelly has been able to watch Mink grow as a leader and person. Mrs. Kelly says, “her role as a leader has been inspirational to others because she truly exemplifies a servant-leader.  Kelly’s compassion for others and dedication to service come first.  She leads with humility and by example.” Mink comments, “Ms. Kelly definitely was an inspiration for me to keep up with Key Club. She pours her heart into every single project and I wanted to do the same!”

Key Club has taught me to leave a little bit of happiness wherever I go.” ”

— Kelly Mink (12)

Mink explains, “I hope the leadership skills that I’ve gained through being on the Key Club Board will help me to be able to step up in college and take service projects to a new community.” By having the experience of leading others will help her in the long run. She will be more comfortable in the service projects she does and will hopefully run for a higher roll.

While in Key Club, all the members make such great and beautiful memories together and that is what will last them a lifetime. Mink “cannot pick a favorite Key Club memory. There have been too many to count. From the laughs and playing cards at Valley Hi to our Culver’s lunches after District Convention to Ms. Kelly actually letting me use the megaphone to the friendships that will last a lifetime…Key Club will always hold a place in my heart.” Key Club is all about making memories and friendships. Graduated students still come back to check on the club and talk about their experiences. They also talk about how it has changed their life and how they would be a different person without it.