The Last Goal

Sports Spotlight: Connor Stiscak


From freshman to senior, Connor Stiscak has played varsity boys soccer all four years at Marian Central Catholic. Being pulled up to the varsity team as only a freshman, Stiscak has not only developing skills in his soccer career but also says the experience he had with his teammates turned friends was one he won’t forget. “ I made some great memories and friends that year, it was a blessings and I’ll never forget them” he says. Connor says his team has helped him get through the ups and downs of his life on and off the field whether it was helping learn a new soccer move or studying for a calc test the next day.

Fellow teammate Sam Guilbeault says, “Connor is a an amazing player and even better friend.” Stiscak has played club soccer for nine years and was a vital player for Marian’s team, becoming a defensive captain along with teammate Sam Guilbeault this last year where they led their team to the regional playoffs. Coach Karl Smith has also been Stiscak’s club soccer coach for years and says, “Connor’s a good kid, I’m not just going to miss him on the field. He has always been a hard worker and will go on to do great things in the future.”This last year was special for Stiscak, riding his last year of High School soccer as defensive captain is a good way to go out with a bang. Connor’s dad, Mike Stiscak, is an assistant coach for Marian Central Soccer, but has also coached Connor for most of his soccer career.  He says he is “very proud of how far Connor has come. Watching him grow and play the game he loves was an amazing experience as a dad.” Connor has ended his competitive soccer career but plans to play in a rec league when he attends the University of Alabama in the fall.