The Life of a Mentor

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The Life of a Mentor

Abigail Noe, Crown Staff

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To Abigail Jones, a good mentor should, “act like an older brother or sister: ready to listen, share his or her own experiences and knowledge, and help make the transition to high school easy and enjoyable.”  This is how Abigail succeeded in being a good mentor while at Marian.

Ever since Jones entered high school, her freshman and sophomore mentors inspired her to be a role model at school and one day also be a part of the mentor program.  Both of them showed her what wonderful things the program did and why it was so important. When her sophomore year was coming to a close, she put in an application to apply.  She was shocked and thrilled when she received her acceptance letter, and worked hard to become just as good as a leader.

Throughout her years of being a mentor, Jones has gained some very important qualities that have helped her improve. She has learned how to be a better listener and leader-imperative traits for being a mentor.  Both of these traits will be important to have, especially after she graduates.  

Jones is also a very positive and encouraging person, “She is extremely conscientious. Her positivity and smile is infectious to everyone around her,” Laura Littner.  Jones believes the best part of mentoring is, “watching all the amazing things your mentees do throughout the course of the year.”  Besides mentoring, Jones is also in Cross country, Track and Field, Spanish Honors Society, Senior Retreat Team, and National Honors Society.

For anyone who is becoming a mentor, Jones’s advice is to “say hello to your mentees in the hallways, write them letters, and catch up with them on homeroom days.”  Overall, Jones is extremely thankful and blessed to be given the opportunity of being a mentor both her junior and senior years. She also wants to give a big thanks to Mrs. Littner, Nick Edwards, and Kelly Mink for spending countless hours making this program this successful.

Jones isn’t sure where she will be attending in the fall, but she has many opportunities open to her and will definitely have a bright future. She plans to study Middle School English Education and continue being a role model at school and in her community.

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