Under the Lights Once Again


Elizabeth Latimer, Crown Writer & Photographer

Adrenaline swiftly fuels both the air and the Hurricane veins. The anticipation from fans and players rushes through the hallways early Friday morning, and the excitement carries on throughout the day. The season that everyone looks forward to has finally arrived. Countless hours of hard work and dedication put in over the summer is finally getting put into play. Many nights of bitter cold, hot chocolate and dedication from fans is now peaking through the surface. For seniors, it is the final year to soak up memories on the field and  in the stands. But for freshman, it is time to get ready to let blue and red run through their veins for the next four years. The responsibility to carry on the traditions that Marian Central holds in the George Harding field is not to be taken lightly.

The school bell rings Friday afternoon. Students rush out the doorscram in their cars, and rush to get out of the parking lot to begin getting ready for the first football game of the season. Snapchat soon begins to overflow with the process of preparing for Friday night’s “White out” game, which was the theme for the night. Students were to show school spirit and dress in white attire to show dedication and love for the football team that is deeply adored by fans. This would be the first time the freshman play in front of a crowd on the George Harding field. However, the freshman boys were excited for this adjustment. “I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I think I’ll be nervous to play in front of the crowd, and I’m afraid I’ll mess up. My parents will be there, so that intensifies the pressure,” Lou Gaddy (9) says smiling. Looking at one another and blurting out stories about summer practices, they’re excited to carry on the traditions of Hurricane football. Creating memories on and off the field, the boys had smiles on their faces, unable to get a word in edgewise as they were eager to discuss their very first high school game. “I’m most excited about working with new teammates,” Brady Burda (9) says. ” Everyone on the team is nice; we all get along pretty well.” Looking forward, our freshman ‘Canes are optimistic about the future of their careers –  getting to play for this team and making fans proud.

As preparations for the varsity game continues, the crowd gathers around 6:30 p.m. awaiting the start of the game. The student section is vibrant with white illustrating the night’s theme. Chants echo across the field and set the mood for the night; every student is riled up and ready to show their support for their team. Senior AJ Golembiewski is not looking forward to this being his last first high school football game. “I’m never going to have the same pre-game jitters again. The way we feel right now, we’ll never have again. It’s sad to think that our high school career is coming to an end,” he explains, looking to his teammates Gavin Scott (12), Brian Niemaszek (12), and Steve Pinter (12). While the boys chuckled and joked together about all the memories they created since playing together, they reminisced about stepping on the field for the first time. Gavin says, “I was scared. I felt like there was a lot to live up to, expectations to meet, and shoes to fill,”  as he compared them to the previous varsity team. All four boys continued to explain that they were taught to execute their job and to only see the field. “The crowd doesn’t really affect us,” Pinter says. “It actually gives us motivation to do our best; we have the best fans.” The boys all smile and look at each other while sharing some of their favorite highlights from over the years. Excitement from players and pre-game tension carry onto the field and fuels the passion that drives them to a victory.

The Cane Crew lead the student section in traditional chants to intimidate the other team,  showing support for the players. The Marian pep band enthusiastically played songs grounded in Marian tradition. Fans and players were welcomed back to another exciting year with a 33-25 victory.  From the kickoff, to the famous baby powder explosion, to chants, and the love from the stands, Hurricane season has finally arrived.