2017 Homecoming Powderpuff

Tiffany Teubert, Crown Writer and Photographer

Girls’ Powderpuff football has been a long-standing tradition at Marian Central. Each year the Thursday before the Homecoming dance, the senior girls line up against the juniors girls on the field. Nerves kick in, and all are watching, anxious to see who will win.  The seniors, who stand on the home side, are surrounded by nervous parents and excited students and are coached by 5 football players chosen by the student council. The juniors are also coached by football players and line up on the away side of the field. This year math teacher, Mr. Liggett, and the new superintendent, Mr. Baldwin, were the refs for the game. At 7:30 PM the big game under the lights was ready for kick off.

This past year the seniors practiced every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks, and the juniors practiced every Monday and Wednesday. During these practices, the girls learned different offensive plays, how to block, and basics of the game. Senior Gavin Scott, who has been the varsity quarterback since his junior year, has been a powderpuff coach for the past two years. Over the two years, Scott (12) has learned how to work well with the girls,  “I’ve become more patient and willing to explain what needs to be done to achieve victory.” Scott created the plays for the offense to run and helped Patrick Brunken (12), another coach, with defense. The senior girls had more pressure than normal, as they were defending their title of 2016 Powderpuff Champions.

While the seniors already have a year of experience, the juniors are new to the powderpuff field. Junior Maggie Finnegan has a lot riding on her back as she will be playing quarterback. “I am nervous and excited to try and lead the juniors to a win this year.” Since the juniors are new to playing football, the coaches, Bryce Radcliff and Connor Hooks, have really been putting in work with them. Mondays and Wednesdays the girls practice for 2 hours, breaking off into O-Line, D-Line, running backs, and linemen. At the very end of practice, all of the girls meet together again and then scrimmage and work more on what they just learned. The practices became more intense and more important as the game approached.

Finally, on Thursday night the senior girls walked in pairs, holding hands from the parking lot to the field, listening to Back to Back, preparing for what felt like the game of a lifetime. At 7:30 the game kicked off, and seniors started with the ball on their own 35-yard line. In the first play of the game, senior Hannah Villont scored her first touchdown. One touchdown wasn’t enough for her; she ended up scoring two other touchdowns. As the game went on, the seniors were unstoppable, and at halftime, the score was 27-0 in favor of the seniors.  Juniors Regan Dineen and Megan Bokowy were key players for their defense as they made multiple tackles.

After watching the boys’ powderpuff cheer squad perform, the crowd was ready for the second half. The senior crowd grew nervous once Amy Herff (11) scored a touchdown after a 15-yard penalty against the senior defense shortly after 3rd quarter started. After having a touchdown scored on the seniors, they really fought back hard. Hannah Villont(12) and Lucca Kenyon(12) both scored touchdowns for the seniors.  After blood, sweat, and tears, the senior girls came out with the win, 40-6! This is the first time in a long time that one class has won both years. Last year, the current seniors defeated the senior girls from the class of 2017, really making this year’s game something to fight for.

This was a great way for both classes to come together and have a ton of fun before homecoming. At the end of the game, the senior girls and boys chanted “Shut down Defense” after playing an amazing game. As all Marian sports do, all the players and coaches gathered at the end to pray the Hail Mary. This game was just the start of an exciting 2017 Homecoming for all.