From Snow White to Moana

Ellen Sharp, Crown Writer and Photographer

When someone mentions Disney, the first thing that pops into a teenager’s brain is childhood years and their imagination. Long dresses, sparkles all over the living room floor, and a little girl with big dreams. A little boy, with a crown on his head, and a prince costume all the way down to his tiny little boots.   The common debate for a teenager growing up is deciding which Disney movies are their favorites. From the old Disney movies parents enjoy watching with their children, to the new Disney movies of the modern century, it can be a difficult decision to choose a favorite movie.  

From the first Disney movie, Snow White, in 1937, to the last released, Moana, in 2016, there is no doubt that every movie in between is just as amazing as the last. The imagination put into these movies by everyone of the directors is special.  In the movie Snow White, Disney presents a beautiful girl in a forest who awakes from a kiss by a prince, making her his princess. In Moana, Disney proves a female role model doesn’t need to be a princess but a beautiful girl with a heart of gold who saves her family and her island’s people.  Both the old and the new movies are attention-grabbing, but everyone has their love and memories of certain movies. Freshman Brian Hopp has had his fair share of trips to Disney World, and his favorite old movie is The Lion King (1994) because the phrase “Hakuna Matata,” meaning there will be no worries in his future to come. Senior Regina Antonetti has a different view on the movies, “My favorite new Disney movie is Moana because I love the music and the message behind it.” Whether it is the fact that now the seven dwarfs are safe with Snow White, or that Moana has sailed Maui across the ocean to restore the heart of Tafiti, 79 years and 51 movies later, all movies are equally just as good.

There are several movies that have been remade from animated to human. “I love both the old and new version of Beauty and the Beast. I’d like to think that I am most like Belle because I am determined, stubborn at times, caring, and I love to read,” Antonetti (12) exclaims. All Disney movies are animated, with the exception of Enchanted (2007) that was changed from an animated princess to a human princess falling in love in the real world without her singing animals behind her, then back to an animated enchanted wedding.  “I like the animated versions of Disney movies because it makes me feel like a kid watching them again,” Josh Arejola (11) states. Disney movies have been coming out in theaters ever since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A big moment is a child’s life is seeing their favorite characters on a gigantic screen compared to the small television in their living room. “My first Disney movie I saw in the theater was Toy Story 3,” Arejola (11) explained. On the other hand, Antonetti saw Finding Nemo in theaters at an early age. Disney has made many memories for children across the globe.

Regular trips to Disney World or Disneyland is all a kid hopes for. Such memories include the signed autographs from their favorite princesses or animated characters or even sitting on a rollercoaster ride with their role model character. These dreams may even seem possible while watching an old or new Disney movie at home, and one day all these dreams may come true with just one hug from a favorite Disney character. Outside of Disney World, old movies and new movies are compared and contrasted. But whether it is walking through the gates of Disney World, or just sitting on the family room floor, all Disney movies create memories, and no one movie is better than another.