“Tale as Old as Time”

Mae Novakoski, Crown Writer and Photographer

Disney movies can be traced back to the childhood of almost every student and, to an extent, are a huge part of anyone’s childhood. Memories can include watching The Lion King as toddlers or even dressing up as timeless Disney characters like Princess Jasmine for Halloween. These characters play such a major role in children’s memories because they are so magical and bigger than life; they are an escape that takes children into the world of fantasy, allowing them to use their imagination. Moreover, Marian Central High School’s 2017 theme was Disney, The Magic of Marian. Every day of the week had its own unique theme for students to dress up as. Thursday’s theme was Disney’s Throwback Thursday, meaning that each student had the freedom to pick and dress up as any old Disney character they choose, and what they considered “old” Disney is completely up to them. Thursday’s theme was a lot of fun for students because of the diversity of ages of students, and with each grade was a different perspective of what Disney Throwback meant to them in their childhood.

When walking into school on Thursday, students were found face-to-face with Cruella de Vil, and then after simply turning the corner, students could see Hannah Montana. Seeing the different time periods of movies come to life in the hallways of Marian was an adventure. Students’ costumes ranged from the old vintage Disney portrayed in the movies, to the modern Disney characters that the younger students watched on television. It was so exciting to wonder what costumes would be seen next. Early before school on Thursday morning, judging is held by a select few teachers. When the judging occurs, students of any class arrived in the cafeteria to be judged based off their costumes by those teachers, and the more extravagant the costume, the more points that student has earned toward their class. The outcome of students Thursday morning was astonishing. The time and effort put into the costumes was even more amazing varying from Snow White to  Pinocchio. When speaking to a student about what she considers as her childhood Disney Throwback, Alyssa Sutherland (12) said, “My favorite Disney Throwback character from childhood would have to be Cinderella because her story gives me hope for true love!” As Thursday came to a close, many agreed that Marian’s halls became magical with costumes that were both fun and creative. It wasn’t just a day to dress up; for many, it brought back special childhood moments with bigger-than-life characters that will forever hold a special place in our memories.