Return of the Graduates

Elizabeth Latimer, Crown Writer and Photographer

Flashbacks of high school flood the stadium late Friday night before the Homecoming football game. Chants and cheers echo across the field creating an uproar of excitement and energy. Despite the cold, the stadium fills with the enthusiasm of fans, players and even players from years. Alumni of different generations reminisce about what Marian means to them as they exchange their favorite memories during their high school careers. This football game is not only for current high school students to enjoy, but it is also for long-time graduates to bring back the memories that had been left behind. Graduate 2008 Graduate Brett Leahy goes on to describe his experience at Marian as “the best and most memorable years” of his life.  

Considering that football has been an outstanding tradition at Marian, this is a sport that is not to be taken lightly. The football stadium is home to many long-time memories from fans to players. However, the 2006 Hall of Fame linebacker Leahy says, “Concussions stopped most of my memories, but one that specifically sticks out in my memory from Marian is dancing to Listen to your Heart in the boys’ locker room after football practice.” Leahy and a few of his close friends from high school sat at the alumni center during Friday night’s game recollecting some of their favorite memories, and one that seemed to come up the most was the dissatisfaction that their football team lost the 2006 state football game.  However, they are honored to receive the title of being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

Sometimes after graduation, people often regret not doing more things to get involved within the school community and would consider changing something about their high school experience. “I loved high school. Students had a lot of support from the school which brought unity and energy within the student body and even the staff. I met a lot of wonderful people here,” Leahy says. However, for Leahy, he wouldn’t change a thing, except for the fact that he was jealous that there is now a boys’ cheer performance during the week of celebrations.

Reflecting on his high school career, Leahy has helpful advice to share. “If I could give any sort of advice to future students, it would be to be confident and be yourself before it’s too late. Find something that gives you motivation, and always surround yourself with good people,” Leahy said. It is never too late to reach the potential of an amazing high school career. Homecoming may be a football game or dance, but for graduates of Marian, it is a matter of returning home to the place of comfort.