Adventures in Autumn

Amy Herff, Crown Writer and Photographer

The leaves have started to change into vibrant shades of yellow and orange as they begin to fall from the trees. The crisp morning air is growing colder, and children are beginning to pick out their costumes for the long-awaited night of horror and excitement that is Halloween. Fall has just arrived, and with this begins the fall festivities.

Along with the season of fall comes the anticipated traditions that everyone enjoys. One of these traditions includes apple picking. Children and their parents line up to be first on the hay-filled wagon that will take them the multitude of apple trees. The apples waiting to be picked will soon be tossed into wooden buckets and are put back on the wagon to be sent off with families to enjoy throughout the season. An apple orchard provides a place to do numerous fall activities. “It is the best place to go during the fall because it’s a fun place to go with friends, and you can do so many fall things there like searching through a corn maze!” exclaimed Sophie Burda (11). Sugary apple cider donuts and a carton of warm apple cider are Burda’s favorites during this season. While picking pumpkins and apples, she wears her warmest pair of black leggings along with Hunter boots, a thick, fall sweater, and cozy scarf to keep her warm during the cool season. Local places featuring apple orchards as well other attractions that students of Marian Central love include Royal Oaks Orchard in Hebron, Stade’s Farm Market in Spring Grove, and More Than Delicious Orchard in Woodstock. No matter the orchard, the excitement of fall is celebrated among families all season long.

In addition to apple orchards and corn mazes, the fall season also includes the spine-tingling terror of Halloween. High school teens walk through eerie houses on old wooden floors. The floorboards creak as zombies and witches pop out of nowhere while the girls scream in horror. Others are preparing their best costume for an upcoming Halloween party later that evening. “I love to dress up. It gives me a chance to experiment with new makeup and have fun with friends,” stated Mackenzie Schwalbach (11). Dressing up to go to a Halloween party and watching scary movies are Schwalbach’s favorite things to do on Halloween night. Meanwhile, children are running through the piles leaves on sidewalks in their costumes to get to as many houses as possible in order to get the most candy. Local haunted houses include The Realm of Terror in Round Lake Beach, The Haunted Hayride in Wonder Lake, and Psychosis Haunted House in Antioch. Halloween provides a night of fright for kids of all ages. These are only a few of numerous fall activities that everyone adores.

The trees will soon be bare, and snow will begin to fall as the season begins to close. The rush begins to complete the list of fall activities; this becomes hectic as pumpkins and apples need to be picked before the cold winter takes over. Haunted houses are closing as Halloween comes to an end. The season of pumpkin spice and Halloween candy is one that everyone is sad to see go. But when the leaves begin to fall again in the upcoming year, the excitement of autumn will begin again.