Let’s Get Lost

Jacob Toman, Crown Writer & Photographer

What’s great about fall? Is it that addicting Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks? Is it Six Flags Fright Fest? Or what about corn mazes?  Like Tom’s Farm where the maze is shaped like a tow truck? Or Richardson’s Corn Maze with a Cubs theme? Or even All Seasons Orchard which has its own original maze style? The purpose of these beloved, confusing, and sometimes scary mazes is to go in one side and try to find the way out while not getting lost. Corn mazes usually present maps in case someone actually does get lost. Corn Mazes can be challenging and easy, and they range in different sizes, shapes, themes, and designs.

Tom’s Farm current corn maze is themed to look like a tow truck from Disney’s movie Cars. It is a small 6-acre corn maze and is very easy to go through. “It’s very easy to navigate, but we had one problem. The cold weather it got in the way of our fun, “said Kimmy McCoy (10).  Going through corn mazes are fun, but when it is cold out, there is always a way to warm up. “When it’s cold, you can drink hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Tom’s Farm has amazing hot apple cider. Oh, and the apple cider donuts,” said Isabelle Mancini (10), Tom’s Farm has other activities like a petting zoo, pumpkin patches, a pumpkin bounce house, hay rides, and nightly activities.

Richardson’s Farm is the largest corn maze in the state. The corn maze is designed to be the theme of Cubs World Series. The maze is big and can be very hard depending on the route taken through it.  “The maze had different paths, and the long one took us a while, maybe even 2 hours. It was easy to get lost,” said McCoy (10) Along with the maze, Richardson Adventure Farm offers more than 30 activities, including wagon rides, pig races, a carousel, a train, a “Dairy Depot” with treats, a trike trail, private picnic sites, a zip line, and orb rides. The zip line has been upgraded, and a stage has been added to the pig race arena to allow for live music. Aside from the zip line and orb rides, most of the activities are included in the admission fee. “I enjoyed the zip line and the petting zoo more than the corn maze. The maze drove me crazy because of all the dead ends,” said Mancini (10). The corn is so high that is is almost like it is stalking those who enter and try to escape.

Another popular corn maze can be found at All Seasons Orchard. It is a beautiful farm from 1989. In 1989 James and Sue Hong purchased the land from the Wilken’s family.  Shortly after the purchase the first apple trees and pumpkin patches were planted. Each year, over 10 acres at All Seasons Orchard is transformed into a corn maze with over 3 miles of pathways and a lookout bridge. The maze has 2 paths: a shorter one for youngsters typically takes about 20 minutes and a more challenging one for the maze enthusiast which can take up to 1hr and a half. “The maze was fairly easy to navigate, or maybe we were just lucky,” said Mancini (10). All Seasons Orchard also includes an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch, a bounce house, hayride, pig races and hiking trails, all located in Woodstock, Illinois. All Seasons also has famous apple cider donuts made daily along with homemade apple cider. “There’s no shortage of delicious tastes and smells! Seasonal favorites like our apple cider donuts, freshly-pressed apple cider, hand-dipped caramel apples, kettle corn and more are all made on-site at the farm,” said one of the workers.

All of these farms and corn mazes offer something for everyone. From Richardson’s Cubs theme to the delicious fall treats at All Seasons Orchard, it is worth taking the time out from a busy schedule to enjoy these fall adventures.