Shopping for Deals and Steals

Olivia Arza, Crown Writer and Photographer

November is officially here, which means time to get ready for mouthwatering turkey, getting together with family, and holiday shopping. The stores are decorated with the most colorful decorations in town as Christmas music blasts through the speakers. Shoppers fill carts to the brim with gifts and wait in the long winding lines at the checkout. The latest and greatest deals are found in catalogs and sent to door to door. Shoppers plan for the awaited night store by store, item by item. Lots of shoppers fill up on the delicious Thanksgiving Day food and then around midnight, the shoppers hit the stores. As the old saying goes, “shop till you drop,” shoppers literally shop during the night and well into the afternoon until they cannot stay on their feet anymore because it is Black Friday.

People often wonder, how did Black Friday become such a holiday sensation? Black Friday got its name in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name was used to describe the craziness that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. Philadelphia was full of chaos due to the Army versus the Navy football game which was the following weekend after Thanksgiving. Many of the fans came a week early to celebrate the American holiday as well. The Philadelphia Police were overwhelmed by the insanity and were not able to control the crowds of both events. Unfortunately, with the police being so overwhelmed, shoplifters found an easier way to steal from all of the stores. Black Friday became the day when retail stores would go into the black, meaning the stores made a profit and would come out of the red, meaning being in debut. The growing retail over the years with the help of Black Friday.

When shopping on Black Friday, it is like a mad dash. People have multiple carts filled with gifts galore. “Being able to pull an all-nighter while shopping in your pajamas while drinking tons of coffee is my favorite part of Black Friday,” said Regan Kelly (10). The experience will immediately put shoppers into the Christmas spirit. Shoppers tend to be in comfy clothes with a Starbucks in hand as carts go up and down every aisle. Stores are blasting Christmas music and the excitement can be felt as soon as the doors open. The store employees are full of holiday smiles and cheer while wearing Santa hats and reindeer ears. Carly Hill (10) was asked what she loves most on Black Friday and she said, “I just love to go shopping!” Shopping on Black Friday is an experience that cannot be forgotten. The experience will immediately put shoppers into the Christmas spirit. Many shoppers have created Black Friday shopping as a tradition. “Shopping with family members can be chaotic and entertaining as well,” said Celine Raffe (10). No matter if shoppers go with families or friends, the night will be full of laughter, smiling, and maybe even some Christmas karaoke.

So whether shoppers go to window shop or to get everything checked off the list, Black Friday is an exciting night that is a great way to start the Christmas festivities. The history of Black Friday helped create retail’s most awaited day of the year. Black Friday will always be a night full of jaw-dropping sales, shopping, lines wrapped around the store, and lots and lots of strong, hot coffee to stay awake.