The Fun Game of Fantasy Football

Joey Fitzgerald, Jr., Crown Writer & Photographer

It is now fall, everyone’s favorite season. That means sweaters, fires, and spending Sundays on the couch watching the one thing everyone loves. That’s right, the NFL is back every weekend bringing fans across the country joy on a Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays while getting to cheer on their team. Along with that is a game that many people know the name of Fantasy Football. It is a way for friends to come together and play against each other with some of their favorite players. It is a way to still be apart of the game that we love without actually playing.

Fantasy Football is a game in which friends assemble an imaginary team football players and score points based on the statistical performance or the outcome of their players game. There are a few things required to do before starting a fantasy football league. First get a big group of friends together that know the game and are ready to have a good time. Next, there are two options: have all your buddies over and draft the teams, or just auto draft your teams. If the league picks option one pick names out of a hat to decide who picks first. Once the league has the order go around until everyone has filled their team up and an additional six backups that can be put in at any time. If the league picks the second option nobody gets to pick any of their players. This can be fun because players play with what they have. Players have to be strategic and make trades to win. Fantasy football goes until the end of the regular season which is week 16. Week 14 is the last regular week, week 15 is the semifinals the best four teams play, and week 16 have all your buddies over to crown a new champion.

Many people over the years have played and tried to analyze players with their experience and expertise. Now a diving a bit deeper into the game talking to Fantasy expert,  Max Striedl (11) has been playing Fantasy Football for five years and has been apart of five different leagues. Striedl (11) said, “In one league we all get together at someone’s house and do the draft. In the same league, there is prize money given to the winner of the league.” Striedl (11) loves the game and is a league with other students from Marian. His team is four and four and is hoping to win and make the playoffs. Along with Striedl (11), Sean Piedmonte (11) just loves the game of fantasy football. Piedmonte (11) said,”Football is my favorite game to watch, and was my favorite to play. Now getting to be apart of  the game on Sundays with my favorite players, and spending time with my friends is really cool.” Piedmonte’s (11) favorite team is the Steelers. Their record is 7-2, and are hoping to make another playoff run that Piedmonte (11) is excited about.

The fantasy season is halfway over so there are only a few things left to do with your team.  Be smart with trades and players that you’re playing. Fantasy Football might be competitive and Fantasy Football might get everyone angry, but just remember the fun and joy this game brings millions of people across the world while being able to enjoy the game without really playing.