Made with Love: Christmas Treats

Olivia Arza, Crown Writer and Photographer


   As the smell of freshly-chopped pines with a mix of cinnamon swirl around the air, people are transported into the most wonderful time of the year. Many houses have holiday movies playing along as little elves bake from dawn till dark. Timers are ticking away as treats are slowly rising to perfection. Lots of people tend to turn into the modern day version of Betty Crocker while baking unique and intriguing desserts. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends creating memories that will last forever. People love to give treats to friends and family and even strangers too because it comes from the heart.

    As the Christmas songs play through the air, children grab their stools to help frost and decorate the famous sugar cookies. Many of the Marian Central students and teachers have already started baking away. Hailea Sacco-Niketta (10) shared her favorite type of cookie to bake and her love of baking. “My favorite cookies to bake during Christmas time are peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses on top.” Traditional treats piled on the Christmas table may include gingerbread men, green marshmallow wreaths, candied pecans, and the classic spritz cookies.  Holiday baking is a great way to get everyone in the family involved in something fun and carry on the baking tradition. Maggie Sharp (9) shared her favorite part of Christmas baking. “My favorite part about Christmas baking is only using recipes used only at Christmas because it puts you into the holiday spirit.”On Christmas Eve night, cookies, carrots, and milk are put out in hopes of Santa coming down the chimney with presents galore.

     Baking is not only fun for kids, but it is fun adults love to bake too. Every year thousands of people bake special treats for the holidays, and many people also have weekends dedicated just to baking with friends and family. Or some people just bake for hours on end for entertainment and to be able to give sweet treats to people. Mrs. Diamond explained her favorite Christmas baking tradition, “I love the tradition of  baking with my step-daughter and making sugar cookie cutouts during the holidays.” When adults bake during the holidays, childhood memories tend to be recreated with the newest generations.Cookies are lined down the table while the kitchen has sugar and flour sprinkled over the countertops. Boxes are overflowing with Christmas tins waiting to be filled with goodies galore. The atmosphere is full of joy and the feeling of warmth from family.

    The treats are finished baking and cooling and are waiting to be packaged. The table is piled high with treats wrapped in red and green paper tied with a crisp red bow. Christmas treat packages are ready to be given to friends and family as a sweet treat for Christmas.