To Buy or Not To Buy

Emma Baader, Crown Writer and Photographer


Under an evergreen tree lie presents in all different sizes and wrappings; the gifts are pleasantly waiting to be opened on the twenty-fifth of December. Everyone has different interests, and holiday gifts can vary from person to person. People can have either secret gifts of creativity or have a talent for coupons and discounts.

Handmade gifts are very personal, and purchased gifts are well loved by many; however, both have their challenges. Rubi Miderski (11) explains, “I find handmade gifts harder to make because I am not creative, and buying gifts from stores is faster.” Many people find the hot glue sticks and wet paint intimidating with an already busy holiday. A busy holiday season can call for a lot online shopping and retail. Purchased gifts can be out of stock with the swarm of holiday shoppers and with long lines which do not make for a joyful holiday season. These challenges can also create fun memories with friends and family.

The smell of freshly baked cookies, recently-melted white chocolate, and peppermint jars of salt scrub fill the home with an aroma perfect for the holiday season. The brave people who take on the challenge of a messy kitchen, set time for hours of cutting paper, and have burnt their fingers from a hot glue gun enjoy making homemade gifts. Amber Reynolds (11) said, “One year I painted a mason jar to look like Santa Claus. I hot glued cotton balls on the jar to make a white beard.” Homemade gifts can be more meaningful and more personal for the recipient. Homemade gifts can save money as well, and the sentimental value of such gifts can be passed down through generations of family members. However, many people do not have the skill set to make homemade gifts, and these people prefer to shop online or in stores.

The common holiday shopper must consider their options for purchasing items. They must be ready for the coupon deals, the long lines, and crowded stores. The stores offer many items that intrigue children young and old whether it is name brand clothes or a cool toy. Most stores offer large discounts during the holidays as well. Issy Nick (11) says, “My favorite part of the holidays is shopping with my family for Christmas gifts.” Store shopping can be easier and more efficient, especially for those who wait until the last minute to get their gifts for others. Most kids want a new hoverboard or a robot dog toy. Shopping during the holidays can be a thrilling experience for the whole family.

The holiday season can be fun with all the gift giving and receiving; however, many times people forget about the true meaning of the holidays. Holidays are a time to be joyful and spread happiness to everyone. Despite the difficulties of making or buying gifts for the holidays, both have their advantages. The feeling of joy one receives when giving a gift to a friend or family member is priceless. Whether you make a gift or purchase a gift, that feeling can last a lifetime.