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25 Days of Anticipating the Best Day of the Year

Ellen Sharp, Crown Writer

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The brisk air of December comes around and the only thing on the mind of an extraordinary holiday lover are fireplaces, Christmas cookies, and Christmas movies. Every child has that one movie that they look forward to every year around Christmas time, the one that makes them sit in front of the TV to then fall silent and never look away from the screen in anticipation for the Christmas magic with their favorite characters. Others can’t choose their favorite movies, so they count on Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” movie marathon to make them fall silent on those cold winter nights.

Growing up, cartoon Christmas movies are always a parents go-to because of all the cheerful characters. Christmas movies that aren’t cartoon can be scary, but there are a lot of cartoon movies that can spook children. “I always found The Nightmare Before Christmas scary because the skeleton and bad guy are spooky looking,” Claudia Zuwala (10) says. The Nightmare Before Christmas is just one of many scary Christmas movies. “The scariest Christmas movie, even to this day, is The Grinch because ruining Christmas is the scariest thing that I can think of,” Molly Mocogni (12) states. “The cartoon version is quite scary, but the human version of The Grinch always gives me the chills.”

Another factor of Christmas movies premiered on the “25 days of Christmas” marathon is whether the cartoon or human movies are better. Zuwala (10) states, “The human versions of Christmas movies are always better because it makes me feel like the movie could happen in real life.” On the other hand, Mocogni (12) thinks otherwise, “I enjoy the cartoon movies because who doesn’t love Mickey’s Magical Christmas? Mickey Mouse in that movie is super cute and lots of fun to watch.” Freeform always promises phenomenal movies leading up to everyone’s favorite day of the year, but some people wish their favorite holiday movies were created again.

A sequel to a movie is always exciting to wait for and especially exciting to watch. Everyone has their preference of what movies they want remade and the ones they wish were never made. Josh Tinkham (11) gives his opinion, “I wish Elf was remade because every year I watch it with all of my cousins on my mom’s side, and it always makes us all laugh as a family.” Others hope for sequels to other Christmas classics. “I want a sequel to be made of The Polar Express because it always makes me love the meaning of Christmas a little more each year,” Zuwala (10) claims. Mocogni (12) agrees, “I think a sequel to The Polar Express would be one I would look forward to seeing because it makes me believe in the magic of a child’s Christmas, but I know it will not be as good as the first.” The leading competitor to Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” is the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. “I love the ‘25 Days of Christmas’ over Hallmark because there are more Disney and classic movies that I love to see each year,” Mocogni (12) says. Zuwala (10) also agrees, “The 25 Days of Christmas gives more of well-known Christmas movies.” So the next time the choice is brought up to choose Freeform or Hallmark, most of the Marian students would say to choose Freeform.

A tradition of 21 years will not be stopping anytime soon on this channel. The meaning of Christmas is to spend time with family, while maybe having a classic holiday movie on in the background. Feeling the love and the joy of the season makes this time of year a little better than the rest. So on those cold winter nights, with a warm blanket s and a hot cup of hot cocoa, don’t forget to turn on the classic Christmas movies that we all know and love.

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25 Days of Anticipating the Best Day of the Year