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Bright and Beautiful World of Coco

Addison Fortin, Crown Writer

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Coco is the latest animated Disney Pixar movie that came out in theaters on November 22. This movie has a modern twist on the Mexican celebration of the Día de Los Muertos. This movie stars Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Anthony Gonzalez, and Renée Victor. The movie started off with a 20 minute short called “ Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” which was a cute story about Olaf trying to find a Christmas tradition for Ana and Elsa.

This short has created controversy all across the United States. Some people have asked why they have put a 21 minute short of a Frozen story and not just the typical quick 5-10 minute shorts that Disney Pixar is so famous for. Many families believed that they weren’t in the right movie theatre for Coco because as they were watching, 5, 10, 15 minutes went by, and the movie still had not started. This short would have been a lot more successful if they would have shortened it down and made it an actual “short”. The problem wasn’t the short itself but the fact that everyone knows that they are going to see a short in a Pixar movie; it was the length of the short that really stuck out to these families. Disney has decided to take out the short and stop showing it before the movie starting on December 8.

What stands out in this movie is how much time was put into each and every scene. It takes hours to plan and create every scene, and the animators have been able to create such a beautiful take on such a classic celebration. Each scene takes a team of animators, which could include up to 100 people, and a whole day could be spent creating one scene. Sophomore Olivia Arza commented saying,“ What stood out the most for me was how colorful and bright the scenes were in this movie.”  Arza said this quote perfectly because it acknowledges how much time and effort was taken to make this movie so bright and colorful. It takes so long for them because they have to create thousands of houses, and each individual light must be created and placed in an exact position. The graphic designers took so much pride in creating this movie; they even took a couple trips down to Mexico in order for them to get a better idea of how everything looks during the celebration of Día de Los Muertos.

This movie is about a twelve-year-old boy named Miguel who, despite his family’s ban on music, tries to prove to them that music is his passion. The person who he looked up to as a musician was a Mexican singer named Ernesto de la Cruz. After trying to win a contest in the plaza he found himself in the colorful Land of the Dead. While he was here, he became friends with a foolish man named Héctor, which he later found out was his great-great-grandfather. This movie shows the struggle between a young boy and his love for music. A quote from the movie that describes it perfectly is “ Never underestimate the power of music.” This is such a perfect quote because music is what saves this family’s life and brings everybody closer together. This movie shows the importance of family and how something like music can either make or break them.

This movie wasn’t a typical Pixar movie because this movie focused in on the cultures found in Mexico and turned and made them more modern, which was something that was fascinating to the audience. This movie took Día de Los Muertos and put a more playful and colorful tone to it making it more about what happens in the Land of the Dead compared to what the living do to celebrate it. Other Pixar movies focus in on more of the light-hearted and friendly topics and not the real culture found in so many different people and places. I had a very positive feedback about this movie, and I recommend that everyone goes and sees it. Coco has received 13 nominations for the 45th annual Annie Awards, which included best-animated feature. It has also received nominations for the great work in character design, production design, character animations, and storyboarding. This movie has also received positive reviews for their originality and flair.

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Bright and Beautiful World of Coco