Fire and Ice

Amy Herff, Crown Writer and Photographer

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The sweet aroma of freshly-baked cookies fills the air as the newly-made fire crackles near the children wrapping gifts to give to their family members. Outside, the yard is filled with snow as the neighborhood kids build snowmen and ice skate on the nearby pond. Winter time is about the snow and cold and all the things enjoyable about it. Children anticipate the perfect snowfall so they can make a town of snowmen and forts. Teens drive up to their favorite enormous hill in order to snowboard down and show off their best tricks. Nearby, the younger children enjoy sitting in their prized sled and race down to see whose sled is the fastest. Outdoor activities depend on the snow and cold, but the indoor fun can be accomplished at any time.

Sharpened metal skates glide across the crystal smooth ice as snow begins to fall, “I like to go ice skating in the winter, even though I’m not the greatest at it because my friends and family make it super fun!” exclaimed Jenelle Bongiovanni (11). Bundling up in her warmest jacket along with a hat in gloves is how Bongiovanni prepares to get out on the ice and stay warm. Students enjoy going to nearby places such as Wilmont Mountain in Wilmont, WI, The Arboretum on Ice in Barrington, IL, and Frozemont Ice Skating in Rosemont, IL. All of these places give an enjoyable time to skate, sled, ski, and warm up with some hot chocolate!

When the weather becomes too cold to handle there is always the fun that comes inside. Winter break is what kids love most; they get time off from school which means time to relax and enjoy. Some places offer camps for children whose parents need to work and cannot watch their children. There are indoor sports camps over the break that Marian even offers along with day camps, such as the Lake in the Hills FuntastiCamp that children love. Decorating for Christmas is also an exciting indoor activity. Large pine trees are strung with vibrant multi-colored lights, and handmade ornaments are hung near glass balls to make the tree as festive as possible. Lastly, the star is placed on top to finish off the perfect tree for the season. Soon presents will be wrapped in holiday paper and tied up in beautiful bows. “I love to wrap presents with my mom because I love giving gifts to my loved ones. It makes me happy when I see the smile on my friends and families face after they have opened the gift I worked so hard to pick out and wrap,” stated Skylar Wirtz (11). Wirtz prepares gifts by purchasing festive paper along with gift tags and ribbon. Then the presents will be placed under the tree waiting to be torn open on Christmas day. Wrapping presents makes Christmas all the more fun by allowing the element of wonder and mystery.

The winter time includes a multitude of activities for a variety of people of all ages. The wintertime is one that everyone looks forward to all season! Whether it be outside in the cold or inside near a warm fire, the Christmas spirit is felt among everyone as a time of celebration, giving, and wonder.

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