It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

Tiffany Teubert, Crown Writer

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The day after Thanksgiving, many families go out to chop down a Christmas tree. They can be found walking together, weaving in and out of the trees, trying to find the perfect tree before one of the siblings does. In the distance a faint chopping is wishing through the air. Cutting down the tree is just the beginning of the start of the Christmas decorations that will soon be put up. The Christmas spirit will soon be everywhere one goes.

Driving down a backroad, shielded by the trees from the white, soft fresh snow laying stuck on the branches, the adventure begins. Through the white, trees there is an enormous brick house with white lights lying on the windows, gutters and roof. A giant inflatable snowman stands in the middle of the yard, waving to all who pass by. In the chimney Santa is popping his head out; to his left, there are reindeers attached to Santa’s sleigh. All of these Christmas sights can be seen around town, particularly downtown Woodstock.  An annual event in hosted in downtown is the lighting of the square. In the Woodstock square, the day after Thanksgiving the town lights up all of the trees and gazebo along with businesses decorating their outside storefronts. Mchenry County Resident, Haven Jakubowicz described how she and her family decorate the outside of their house and barn, “We put up green lit garlands around our fences, hang up wreaths and red bows on the fence gate and put a giant green wreath on our barn door.” She also explained how decorating is a family event they do together. They take a full day and as a family go and decorate their home.

As the Christmas spirit shines outside of the homes of Woodstock, the spirit is also just as bright and big on the inside. Walking into the house, a warm sweet scent is filling the air, along with a burnt wood smell from the crackling fire.  In the living room, a large Christmas tree with colorful lights and ornaments of all sizes stands tall in the corner. The bottom of the tree is filled with presents overflowing, wrapped in different papers. Green lit garlands wrapped around the staircase railing, with stockings hung on the mantle of the fireplace. When looking at a Christmas tree, a few ornaments always seem to stand out. Marian Central Catholic senior, Lexi Renghini explained how each and every one of her ornaments stand out on her Christmas tree. Renghini described, “My family and I, every Christmas, buy a new special family ornament, so many of our ornaments are unique to us.” Some families like to use the same kinds of ornaments and have the Christmas tree look neat and uniform, while others like to use many different kinds of ornaments, such as Renghini and her family do, making their tree unique in every way.

While small local towns have their decorations, big cities have decorations that some may say and bigger and better.  A huge decoration tradition that is widely known is the White House. Every year the white house decorations contain around  1,000 feet of garland, 18,000 feet of lights, 3,000-yards of ribbon, 12,000 ornaments, and 53 Christmas trees.  This year Melania Trump picked out a one of a kind decoration, a 200 pound gingerbread in the shape of the white house. Going from the outside winter wonderland, to walking into a gingerbread like house, into a magical living room with presents piled high, Christmas decorations are everywhere one turns, and the Christmas spirit is in everyone.

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