The Snowy Sports Season

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

It is finally winter. That means hot chocolate, snowmen, and winter sports. Marian’s winter sports have just kicked off with wrestling, basketball, dance, and chess teams looking to pile up the wins this year and are looking to continue to expand the programs over the years.

Let’s start with the wrestling team. They are 10-1 as a duel team winning the Carmel Mega Dual and having its only loss to Glenbard East in a close 37-33 loss. The team is being led by seniors Anthony Randazzo(12), and Luke Silva(12) along with sophomore Daniel Valeria(10). Senior captain Luke Silva said,”The team has high expectations this year, and we work really hard to meet those expectations.” They are hoping to achieve the goal of team state with a medal this year and are pushing the wrestlers in that direction. The team is continuing to work hard, and Coach David Silva is preparing his wrestlers every day, working to bring home some state medals this year.

Now from the mat to the court to the basketball team. They are starting out strong 4-2 with captains AJ Golembiewski (12) and Kevin Herbst (12) leading team. There are also new additions to the coaching staff this year with AD Curtis Price now returning as the head varsity coach. Lots of players are stepping up, including the underclassman for this season. Junior Bryce Radcliffe said,”Everyone is playing a big role in the team this year especially Jacob Baranski(10). He might be a sophomore, but he plays a big role in winning games for this team.” The basketball team is working hard and is looking forward to all that is ahead.

Next, from spin moves to pirouettes is the dance team led by Nikki Baron (12) and Carolyn Miller (11). The dance team has had two competitions so far this year with a 1st and 2nd place finish in the first competition and a 2nd and 3rd place finish in their second competition. The girls are looking to keep it rolling with their next competition on January 7th at Huntley High School. Baron (12) said,”The competition team this year is unique. It is a select ten girls that are working very hard every day to achieve our end of the year goal.” The team is also performing two routines this year instead of one and are stepping up the intensity and are working harder every day to be the first dance team to go to state.

Finally, from the gym floor to the chess board, Marian has a brand new chess team. They have been competing and winning lots of matches with Timmy Miller (9), Jacob Levendoski(12), and Josh Arejola(11) leading the way on the starting line up. Josh Arejola said,”The team is great, and it’s really fun to go and play with my friends, but to keep the team going were going to need to find more players for next year.” Timmy Miller(9) started the club up this year, and it is now an IHSA sport.  He will continue to try and grow the team.

Marian is now in the heat of the winter season. The teams are showing promise of success and are working as hard as they can to extend their seasons into the postseason and take home some hardware. Come out and support the ‘Canes as they battle the long season for a common goal of success.