Not Just a Bathroom Break

Tiffany Teubert, Crown Writer and Photographer


Marian Central Catholic High School has many different sports team throughout the year. Many people only see or focus on the main sports such as football, basketball, volleyball. A sport here at Marian that seems to be overlooked is the Poms Dance Team. The Poms team is a two-season sport which performs twice as much as the main sports do. The Poms team performs at every home football game and every home boys basketball game at halftime.  The Poms team is always bringing positive, enthusiastic energy during half time, pumping up the crowd before the players return to the game. On top of performing at Marian’s own home games, the Poms team also practices almost daily, preparing for competition. With all the hard work the girls put in, they recently scored the highest they have ever had during a local competition: an 82 at the Huntley Competition.

The Poms team has 16 girls on it who perform at every football and basketball game. They also have a competition team which includes 10 girls, nine performing and one alternate girl. Captain of the team Nikki Baron (12) describes the tryouts they have, “Toward the end of April we host our regular team tryouts, and then for our competition team, we host the tryout in October and take the best 10 from the regular team.” This creates two different teams, meaning multiple different practices. The Poms team practices about three times a week for two hours, whereas the competition team practices every day.  On the days the Poms team practices, the competition team practices for two extra hours after the regular team practice ends. Due to IHSA rules, the competition team cannot begin practice until October. Marian Central Senior Mariana Lamoutte says, “With competition, there would be high stress but also great excitement for our next performance. The best part about practices, good or bad, is that we always come together in prayer and end on a high note.” This type of positively, dedication and spirit are what the Poms team is all about. They competed in one competition during November and December along with three other competitions in January. In the end, they made Marian history breaking their high score with an 82.

With all of the practices the Poms team has, somehow they still find time to work with a boys group to coach them on their own performance. During homecoming week the girls’ team practices with a group of boys who will later perform at the girls powderpuff game during halftime. They also perform at the pep rally during homecoming week for the students and teachers. Finally, the last performance from the boys is during the first boys’ basketball home game. Tyler Saxelby (12) was one of the boys dancing and enjoyed being part of the team, “It was really cool watching all the guys come together for homecoming and put on such an awesome, funny performance.” The boys’ performance is always a fun event for everyone to watch and have some laughs about, and the girls Poms team really helped them throughout the process.

The girls practice from three to six days a week for hours on hours; they truly show dedication and motivation to make themselves, and the team, even better. The Poms team always have different types of music, depending on the dance they are performing. Hip-hop, poms, and jazz were the three performances and styles from this year. At the next Marian football or basketball game, look around and notice the supportive, hard-working poms team on the side waiting to perform and bring excitement to each and every game.