30 Seconds of Fame

Emma Baader, Crown Writer

Football has brought all different demographics of Americans together, making the Super Bowl one of the biggest nights of the year, and the competition for airtime is relentless. Numerous football Sundays with overused ESPN ads have led up to the grand productions of the costly yet entertaining Super Bowl commercials. These miniature motion productions provide amusement during the intense stress people face during the big game. The ads produce a lot of comical relief that is much needed for the nervous viewers. Commercials are well-liked by not only sports fans but all people watching the game. The ads, despite their costly productions, produce an aroma of memorable moments during the big Super Bowl.

From Morgan Freeman’s hilarious rendition of Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” to the celebrities substituting in for a broken Alexa, these Super Bowl ads are extravagant and very entertaining. However, with these large productions comes unnecessarily high costs. NBC charges millions of dollars for these 30-second spots during the game. Kat Schmid (11) mentioned, “I feel like the overpriced ads are highly unnecessary for the amount of time they air.” These costs of airing are higher than the Oscars and the World Series commercial costs combined. Companies gain more viewers than ever before, but is it really worth the cost? Many people feel that watching the Super Bowl is a fundamental part of being an American.

Football has been a huge tradition for Americans, making the Super Bowl such a big night. Even if someone is not a fan of all the tackling and touchdowns, they still tune in because watching the game is part of the American pastime. The viewers of the big game increase every year which makes the commercial time during the game that much more rare. This scarce amount of this airtime is advertisement gold for companies and increases their product revenue by millions. Marketing teams call on popular actors, actresses, singers, comedians, and athletes to get their products into the news and magazines across the country, and the Super Bowl is a huge opportunity for these same companies.

These ads sometimes feature famous people which increase sales every year. People seem to be more inclined to buy a product if they see their favorite singer or actor advertising the product. Stars like Morgan Freeman, Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake, Gal Gadot, and Matt Damon were in this year’s ads. Fans from all different kinds of television shows and music tune in to watch their favorite celebrities. Charlie Koscinski (11) said, “My favorite ad was the Tide ad because it had some of my favorite actors, and it relieved some tension from the intense game.” The game can be very intense for fans, so the need for some comical relief is much cherished during the breaks. All of these characteristics for the commercials make for great enjoyment by all.

These ads are widely enjoyed by millions of viewers every year. During normal television broadcasts, commercials tend to get passed over as viewers either fast forward through them or simply ignore them. These entertaining Super Bowl ads keep people from changing channels to avoid boring endorsements for miscellaneous products. The commercials, despite their high costs and overpaid celebrities, make a great performance. Whether it is children in elementary school or adults enjoying the game, these Super Bowl ads bring people together for much enjoyment.