Addison Fortin, Crown Writer and Photographer

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Students on the first floor are called out to line the hallway as the band plays the fight song, waiting to see the new state-bound team. As students anxiously wait to see what team will come around the corner, the anticipation builds. Is it football? Or maybe wrestling? This time it is Marian Central’s Chess Team! This year was the first time that Marian Central chess club was made an official team. They were able to bring together a group of people to accomplish a common goal. For the first time in Marian Central history, the chess club was able to make their way through their conference and sectionals to compete at State.

The chess team’s motto was that they were the “most attractive chess team,” and they definitely stole the hearts of many Marian Central students. This brand new chess team was started by Timmy Miller who has an impeccable winning streak. Chess is one of the most difficult games to win because you have to know exactly where you want to go to position yourself in the best way possible in a very short amount of time. Ben Polster (12) commented on his favorite part of being in the club,“ The best part of being in chess is seeing the look of defeat on your opponent’s face when you say checkmate.” The journey was long and hard, but with all the hard work and focus put in by all the members, the chess team was able to push through and beat many difficult schools.

With the great leadership of Mr.Widzisz and all the hard work put in by everyone on the team, they made Marian Central chess history. The chess club spent every week practicing and working hard toward their goal of making it to state. Members of chess club practiced by scrimmaging against each other and trying to find the best way to win. Even though they hoped to make it to State, they took every match one at a time and learned from their mistakes. Chess club has always been underestimated by Marian students because they think that students are only there to hang out with their friends. Most of the students joined so that they would have the opportunity to go to State.  For many of the students, they have never had the chance to go to state for a sport, but with the help of other students on the team, they were able to make it.

Even though the chess team didn’t place first at State, they all had a great time away from school together.  Chess placed 42nd in State out of 130 different teams. This may not seem as impressive to some people, but this means that they finished in the top third at state, an impressive point since this is their first year participating in their conference. State took place at Bradley College, and they competed against teams from all across Illinois, some that they have never heard of. John Blais (12) was especially proud of one of his fellow members. “Freshman Timmy Miller, who had a big influence on the start of our club, was able to surprise us all by winning a match in 3 moves.” This club had the chance to go to State with the help of the seniors on the team. Even though this was their last year on the team, they were able to make it the best year yet and finish as state qualifiers.

Through thick and thin, the Marian Central Chess Team had each other’s backs, supporting each other through every win and loss. This year’s chess club won’t be the last to go to state; this was only the beginning of what they can do. Even though they may not have placed first, they were able to get people interested in the club, and hopefully this time next year students will line the hallways again to send off Marian Central’s Chess team.

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