The Royal Court Formally Invites You to the Ball

Olivia Arza, Crown Writer and Photographer


The castle is beaming with lights while waiting for the guests to arrive. Prince Charming is waiting for all of the women in the town, hoping to pick his future wife. The red carpet is rolled out down the front steps of the castle. All of the ladies in the town are putting on the most beautiful gowns they could find, but there was still one lonely girl who was not getting ready for the ball. Instead, Cinderella is cleaning up her stepmother’s house and helping her step-sisters with the finishing touches to their dresses. The stepmother and stepsisters were constantly ordering Cinderella around asking her to do multiple things at a time. Such was the scene on the Marian Central stage as the musical Cinderella was brought to life by the cast and crew. Marian Central proudly presented Cinderella on February 10th and 11th.

 In the original play, Cinderella, Rodgers and Hammerstein created a very realistic version of the play. The original version includes more songs and excludes the animals coming to life. The students wanted to create a newer version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical with their own twists. In the Marian musical, they combined both music and magic. Marian added more songs and added little details that the audience may not have noticed, but the cast noticed them, making the musical a little more special. One of the details that was added was that the cast had originally wanted to use a real horse for the show. Mary Narusis (10) shared, “Caleb Kwasigroch played the role of the horse phenomenally. He really wanted to show that he was really playing the role of a horse.” This showed that all of the cast members really embodied their unique characters. Joey Filipi (10), who played the King, shared another way the musical was put on differently than the movie, “We wanted to add more songs to give the musical a unique experience.” The Marian version of Cinderella included twenty-one songs which were performed throughout the entire show. Some of the songs included Never in a Thousand Years, Cinderella March, In My Own Little Corner, Impossible; It’s Possible, and Stepsisters’ Lament, just to name a few. From both the Marian version and the Rodgers and Hammerstein original, the audience was filled with a sense of magic.     

 The audience raved about how well the students put on their performance. Taylor Kostan (10) shared, “I really enjoyed all of the different songs and all of the singing that was performed.” The auditorium felt as if they were actually in a royal castle. The place was packed with students, faculty, family members, and friends. Trent Dolter (10),  an audience member, said, “It was fun to see all of my friends participating in the musical and enjoying themselves on stage, especially my best friend Joey play his role as the king.” The Marian musical was yet another hit for the theater department. Señorita DeWispelaere, who was one of the directors for the musical, shared what she loved most about this experience, “I loved watching the kids come to life on stage. Their talents truly lit up the stage.” Cinderella will forever be a part of the heart of the entire theatre department here at Marian.