A Cool Down After Four Years

Ellen Sharp, Crown Writer



Everyone has a love of school activities as well as activities or hobbies enjoyed outside of school. Whether it is playing sports, leading a clubs, or just hanging out with friends after school, combining activities loved outside of school with school-led activities makes everything come together. For senior Shelby Truckenbrod, she has done just that. She has taken her love of running from 8th grade and joined the cross-country team her freshman year to become a star runner. All four years of her Marian career, Truckenbrod has loved every moment of the cross country life. She has become a role model for younger runners and has made forever friends.

For some students, the love of sports usually starts at a young age. It is usually encouraged through a parent or sibling sharing their own love of the sport. However, that is not how every great athlete starts their career.  For Truckenbrod, her love of running started later in life, “My love of running began after I ran my first 5K in 8th grade. After I finished, I knew I wanted to run many more!” She has not only been balancing cross-country and school, she also has found time to run track all four years. Running in both cross country and track and field has taken a lot of Truckenbrod’s time. Time management can be a struggle for any high school student. Needing to go from school to practice takes skills, “I made sure to prioritize school and homework and planned out my schedule ahead of time.” She learned to really master her time management skills throughout her time here at Marian.

Memories are created one after another. For Truckenbrod, her teammates, classmates, coaches, and fans make all the difference in the world. She has her personal memories, but they all include her teammates around her. Running with some of her best friends encourages Truckenbrod to never stop. “My favorite team memory would be when we qualified as a team for State my freshman year. My other favorite memory would be crossing the finish line at my last race and seeing all of my teammates there to support me.” Truckenbrod has had memories she will never forget, but she has also had a lot of personal records to add onto those memories. Her fastest running time is eighteen minutes and fifteen seconds for three  miles, and her favorite race has been at Veterans’ Acres. “It’s the hardest course of the season, but it is absolutely fun to run on trails and hills!” Truckenbrod recalls not only fun courses and personal memories, but the support of teammates. Her teammates have been there since the first day of freshman year. She has always had traditions with her teammates before every meet, “Some of traditions are to eat a pasta dinner the night before a race, to play games and listen to music on the bus ride to the meet, and to pray as a team right before the race.” Truckenbrod hopes her teammates will continue those traditions. She remembers these traditions from her first few years and hopes future teams will keep them alive. “When I was a freshman, the upperclassman were very optimistic and humorous. They made practices and meets fun and enjoyable.” Now looking back on her past seasons, Truckenbrod appreciates the role models she encountered.  Truckenbrod returned the favor by, “trying to instill positivity in the freshman and helping them to believe in their abilities.” She not only became a role model for the younger runners, but she also began new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Trying to handle school and cross country has been no problem for Truckenbrod. Being able to run for the Hurricanes has been an honor for her. She has committed to continue her love of running at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Truckenbrod will continue her academic and athletic career there, but she will never forget the accomplishments and love of the Hurricane Cross Country program.