Buzzer Winning Question

Olivia Arza, Crown Writer

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A gym is filled with spectators while school teams are trying to answer as many questions as possible before the buzzer rings. Everyone is on edge, anxiously awaiting the results. Scholastic teams are thinking of all the possible answers to the questions. The Marian Central Scholastic Bowl Team is at it again. For the past three years, Senior Joe Paffrath has been a member of the team and currently is the only senior on the team. Paffrath has learned new fun facts and has become very successful in all subjects due to being on the scholastic bowl team.

The Scholastic Bowl team is made up of members who excel in all subjects and people who know random trivia facts. They meet once a week in Dr. Pinnau’s room to practice answering timed questions.  Paffrath explained his reasoning for joining the team, “When I was in eighth grade at St. Thomas the Apostle, I joined the Scholastic Bowl Team, and I really enjoyed competing in trivia tournaments.” From then on, Paffrath found a club that he knew he would enjoy. He enjoys being able to continuously gain new knowledge at practice.  

The team was not always all about competing; they also enjoyed having fun at the competitions. The Scholastic Bowl Team came together for practices, tournaments, and overall fun. Joe shared a favorite memory, “One of my favorite memories from Scholastic Bowl was when we were out at a tournament. We stopped for lunch, and Dante Bucci (12) ate three pizzas by himself for lunch.”  Traveling to tournaments was a way for the team to bond and make memories with each other. Paffrath said, “My favorite tournament was when I got to be on the team with alumni Jacob Fiedler (Class of 2017) and Jay Wieczorek (Class of 2017) because I was able to make a decent contribution to the team alongside them.” Being apart of this team helped him become a better leader. He has been able to create lasting memories throughout the past three years.

Over the past three years, Paffrath has answered and studied many trivia questions and has found an appreciation for trivia and learning how to answer questions in a timely manner. He found Scholastic Bowl to be a place he would enjoy throughout his time at Marian. From the first ringing of his buzzer to the very last question, Paffrath has developed critical thinking skills from each and every competition.   


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