El Presidente

Emma Baader, Crown Writer

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Waiting to receive a special letter from the Spanish Honor Society, she finally hears the mail truck pull up. She opens a letter with a Marian return address on the front of it and reads the first line, congratulating her on her new responsibility as president. El presidente de la Sociedad de Honor Española, a student who has dedicated hours to the Spanish program, is Bridget Kelly (12). Spanish is a challenging language to learn but very useful in the world today. Students who are bilingual have an improved chance for many opportunities in the workforce. Kelly felt ready and excited for the opportunities to come her way, and she was primed and ready for role as president.

All these opportunities began with a simple greeting from her favorite teacher, Señora Keogh. She had previous experience with the Spanish language in middle school which helped engaged in many discussions right from the start. The Spanish language comes with many challenges, and being president holds a lot of responsibility. However, Kelly took this challenge head on. Kelly (12) says, “When I received the letter, I knew it was something that I wanted in order to further my involvement in the school and with my knowledge of the Spanish language.” She decided to join Spanish Honor Society during her sophomore year and has loved being involved in the program.

With the first spark of the candle during Kelly’s induction ceremony, she saw the potential to increase her leadership skills. Kelly has learned how to manage her time with her academic and athletic involvement at Marian. Being president includes the responsibility of many difficult tasks. Kelly explained her role in the program, “I am tasked with planning meetings, encouraging involvement from members, and planning events such as inductions and Foreign Language Week.” She has been interested in the Spanish culture since middle school. Kelly says, “I love the different variety of foods, and being a leader in such a fun environment has been amazing.” She has combined her favorite class into an opportunity to encourage her leadership development.

The Spanish language has been increasing in the United States for decades, and her goal is to become bilingual which can open up many opportunities in the workforce. Being bilingual can also help with travelling in the future such as studying abroad, which Kelly has decided to do in Spain. When traveling to different countries it is much safer to know the overall language. She said, “I plan on studying abroad in Spain during college to increase my development with the Spanish culture.” She wants to continue in her studies to become bilingual. Kelly says, “I used Spanish when I vacationed in Mexico, during Spanish Mass, and while volunteering for Key club Events.” The Spanish language has become increasingly popular around the world, and being bilingual will help Bridget in her everyday life.

Kelly has shown her dedication with the program by helping the inductees, managing meetings, and planning important events. She has such a love for the Spanish culture and has already began her travels to Mexico; she has plans to go to Spain. The benefits of being bilingual will help Kelly on her safe travels around the world. From the warm breeze in Cabo, to the vibrant color fiestas in streets of Madrid, Kelly will continue her enjoyment of immersing herself the Spanish culture.


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