Game, Set, Match: Ian Brzeski Dominates the Court

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

Now that the winter is over, there is a lot to look forward to. The freezing snow is gone and the bright sun has returned. The trees are finally growing their leaves back, and the spring sports season has returned as well. The spring sports season at Marian includes tennis. Overall the game is like a chess match, with every swing counting to win the match. One senior has stood out on the court.  Ian Brzeski (12) has been a successful tennis player while on the Marian Central Boys Tennis team.

Ian is a competitor. He has played the game since he was five years old and has loved the game as long as he can remember. However, soccer was Ian’s main sport all the way up until sophomore year at Marian. Then, Ian made the difficult decision to finally quit a game he loved to focus on tennis.

Early on in his year tennis season, Ian is currently undefeated and has been playing doubles with Mike Dowling(11). Last season Ian also made it to state. This year he has high hopes of what he can do at the state tournament. For the rest of the season, he believes his coach will be having him playing singles, but he says that can still change. That doesn’t matter because Ian just wants to play with his teammates with whom he has had some fun times with over the years.

There are many favorite tennis memories for Ian. ”Individually, my favorite memory was going to state. Although my draw was unlucky, it is an experience I will never forget.” Ian was so nervous he recalls that his knees were shaking. Ian won his first match, but he then lost the next two against really tough opponents. Ian said,” The experience really helped me with controlling my nerves during my matches.” His favorite team memory was winning the team sectional title which hasn’t been won by Marian since 2003, and it is the second one ever.  This is an experience Ian will never forget.

Ian loves the game very much. If he’s not playing, he is putting in time to get better and improve his craft. ”I constantly train during the offseason,”said Brzeski. ”I practice about 7-8 hours a week when I’m not busy, and I try to do tournaments every now and then.” Ian knows endurance is the most important thing because if he is in a long and close match, he is going to need that extra endurance to get through an win the match.

Ian is also motivated to do better. He really doesn’t like to lose.”When I lose, I train harder than normal to make sure it never happens again. Of course, I’m always going to lose some matches, but I use it as motivation to keep me going. I guess my hatred for losing is my motivation.” Along with the loses, Ian always has someone there for him: his mentor, his father. ”My mentor has to be my dad. He lets me know when I get lazy, and he is always going to push me to train harder and get better.” Ian has had his dad there to help ever since he was five, and he hopes he will continue to help him in his tennis journey.

Ian has been apart of the Marian family for four years and has had a wonderful journey as a part of the tennis team. He loves the sport and is always pushing to get better. After high school Ian will be attending Marquette University. He hopes to walk on to their varsity tennis team next spring. If not, Ian will keep playing through their club and will continue to work on his game. High school tennis is coming to a close for Ian, and Marian sports fans will certainly miss seeing him on the courts.