Lights, Camera, Kunz

Emma Baader, Crown Writer

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Waiting under the dark curtain, she is soon called onto the stage. She then takes one deep breath in, and the directors call the ambitious, cheerful actress to her mark. Kaylyn Kunz (12) has been apart of all the Marian Theater productions for the past four years. From the spotlight to behind the curtain, Kunz has helped the program and has put in her heart and soul. Kunz has had a love of the arts since middle school and has continued to show her appreciation throughout her time in Marian’s Theater program.

A thirteen year old girl walked into the auditorium and looked at the elaborate sets, feeling a slight tingle in her stomach.  In middle school Kunz had a love for the theater, and she enjoyed attending the Marian productions. Once she enrolled at Marian, she immediately signed up for numerous theater opportunities, and although she was nervous in the spotlight, she fell in love with the art behind the scenes. Kunz (12) said, “I would come to the Marian plays in middle school, and it was my dream to be on stage.” Kunz loved to be a part of theater; she helped in tech, designed sets, made costumes, and helped the cast. She said, “Freshman year I helped out back stage for the fall play because I was way too shy and too scared to try out for the play because I didn’t really know people.” Kunz loved to do behind the curtain work during her freshman year, and she got a feel for theater and learned more about the arts.

Kunz began her sophomore year she overcame her nerves of acting. She got the part in Once Upon A Mattress as a chorus member. “I was a little nervous before going on stage but since I was in a group it really helped and it was so much fun.” She sang for the first time on stage with the chorus in the play. The theater program welcomed Kunz in as their own, and they all encouraged her with despite her nerves of singing on stage.

Kunz found her confidence for acting during her junior and senior year. She was beyond ready for any role the advisors through her way. In her junior year, she was the understudy for alumni Karla Juarez (2017) who played the ghost for the fall play, Honeymoon at Gravestone Manor. Kunz had to fill in for the sixth grade visit day, “I played the ghost for a day, and it was fun because I got to carry around the hatchet.” She transformed in her time at Marian. She was no longer a nervous freshman;she became a confident artist that fell in love with her craft.

Kunz’s mark has been left throughout the theater program. She ruled the stage in her role as the queen in Cinderella, sang as a chorus member for Once Upon a Mattress, and spooked the crowd as the understudy for the ghost in Honeymoon at Gravestone Manor. Kunz helped backstage in Miracle Worker and Charlie Brown. From the late night performances to the early morning rehearsals, she put a hundred percent of effort into her work because she loved every minute of theater. Her castmates and advisors will never forget that happy cheerful girl whose positivity radiated throughout the auditorium.


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