Michael’s En Garde Moment

Olivia Arza, Crown Writer

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Today’s sports world is constantly growing. New sports are added all the time. In the United States, many people are very familiar with the classic sports: football, volleyball, and baseball; but in Europe, fencing is a fan favorite. Although it may not be the most well-known sport in the United States, here at Marian the fencers are making a name for themselves. One of the fencers at Marian is senior Michael Morehead who he has found a love for fencing and a drive to be a leader of the team.  

Morehead (12) has been a member of the team since freshman year and absolutely loves the sport. He explained why he joined the team four years ago, “I was not playing any winter sports at the time, so I decided to take a chance and join the team to see if I would enjoy fencing.” The chance he took paid off for him and allowed him to find a sport that he loves. Fencing is very mental game, and in order to succeed in the sport, strategizing what to do next is key to success. Many people do not know a lot about fencing, and what many do not realize is that fencing is a physical and mental sport. Michael excels in this sport because he is able to apply his academic ability to the game. The fencing team at Marian is made up of many groups of students who partake in many other activities besides fencing. Michael shared his favorite part of fencing, “The team is made up of not your average athletes, which is what my favorite part is. I like that we are unique; it makes us different from everyone else.” The team has grown together over the years and has become a family-like team. An interesting fact about Michael and the fencing team is that Michael’s younger brother, Luke (10), also joined fencing team his freshman year as well. He and his team enjoy the unique and different aspects to the sport which has helped Michael improve his game.

The past four years, Michael has received many achievements and awards from fencing. He was awarded the Male MVP award. Michael received a plaque for being awarded the Coaches’ Award. For junior and senior year, Michael was the Men’s Sabre Captain. He has gradually improved and learned new skills over the years.

Throughout Michael’s high school career, he has found a way to use his academics with his athleticism. Michael will be leaving Marian with outstanding support from his fellow team members. Michael will be attending Drake University this coming fall. Unfortunately, Drake does not have a fencing team, so he will not be able to compete for school. However, the sport has made everlasting memories for Michael throughout his high school career.  

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