Saying Goodbye to the Last Dance


Addie Fortin, Crown Writer


Nervously walking through the halls of Marian Central her freshman year, Mariana Lamoutte (12) was the typical freshman student. After talking with her friends, she decided that she wanted to join the Marian Dance Team. Without hesitation, Lamoutte did what came naturally to her, dance. Dance has always been something she considered one of the most important aspects of her life. She continued to participate in poms throughout the rest of her high school career. She not only danced at halftime during football and basketball games, but she also continued her love of dance during competition season. Lamoutte has always had a love for dance, making her appreciate every moment along the way.

Senior Lamoutte had no regrets about joining the dance team her freshman year, “ I’m so thankful that I tried out for the dance team my freshman year and came to appreciate and love the moments I’ve had with this team and sport.”  She had made so many different friends that grew to become like family throughout her seasons. She did have some doubts about joining the competitive side of the dance team, but she didn’t let those doubts get in her way. “I still can’t decide if it was for the love of my teammates, the persistence of my coach, my own change of mind, or even God’s divine intervention that convinced me to dance on a competitive floor– but whatever it was– I truly cherish the memories and lasting impact each competitive season has had on me.”  She believed that God played a big part of her decisions that were made for dance because she always thought that she was being pushed to do more not only for herself but also for her teammates and for her coaches. Her coaches always believed Lamoutte could do more and push herself to be the good role model that she has always been for her fellow teammates.

As a freshman joining a new team or sport, everyone has someone that they look up to as a mentor. For Lamoutte, Annie Loy (Class of 2015) and Kristen Miller (Class of 2015) were the people she looked up to and learned the ropes from. Loy and Miller were not just her mentors but became her closest friends for years to come. “I remember when I first joined poms my freshman year, the sophomores and the freshmen had a really close bond, so I admired the welcoming and kind personalities of the sophomores on the team. And I remember seniors like Annie Loy and Kristen Miller that always kept a positive attitude and also worked really hard.” These mentors left an unforgettable impression on her, and she continued to carry this on with her teammates. Lamoutte has always been a team player and learned so much from her fellow teammates and coaches throughout all four years of dance. “Because of my teammates and coach, I came to learn the valuable lesson of working with a team and committing every action thereafter with purpose and precision.” Lamoutte’s ability to work well with others and be a leader is something that has made her so successful throughout her poms seasons.  

As a senior this year Lamoutte became a leader of the dance team and put her leadership skills to work. She has always been a leader in some way, whether it was on her dance team or even in the different clubs and organizations here at Marian. She wasn’t just a mentor for one girl, but for many of her fellow teammates. Because of her upbeat personality, she gets along with everyone on the team and never turned away a teammate in need. Lamoutte made so many memories with her teammates, “ My favorite memory was when we competed at Huntley High School this year and received the highest score in Marian dance history. This was the complete opposite from freshman year when we received the all-time lowest score at our first competition.”  Lamoutte left her mark on the dance team and was able to finish her final year making history for the Marian dance team.

Lamoutte is hoping that she will continue her love of dance throughout college and even after. Lamoutte is attending Indiana University for their business program, but she plans on continuing to participate in dance through activities and fundraisers held at her college. As a senior Lamoutte had to make every second last with her teammates and coaches, but she never took that for granted and enjoyed every season at Marian. She isn’t leaving poms empty-handed; she learned lessons that she will remember for the rest of her life on how to work as a team and to always commit one’s actions with purpose.