Letter from the Editors…Nikki Baron

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Dear Readers,

Throughout my years in journalism, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. From the stress of trying to meet deadlines to jumping for joy because we were at one hundred percent coverage, I have journalism to thank for making me into a better and more disciplined person. Creating this book and getting to know all the people who are a part of it, has made such a huge difference in my life, and I am so grateful for the three staffs I have known and the three advisers I have been mentored and inspired by.

I’m forever grateful to this program for allowing me to meet my best friend, Gianna Kolner. Gianna has taught me so much inside and outside of yearbook. I would not have been able to survive these past three years without her. Like most, our high school experience was divided into four years. Unlike most others, each year is themed and has a corresponding book attached to it. I’m so glad we got to spend our last year apart of the Publications staff as editors. Our goal this year was to create a book that would stand out from the rest. We achieved our goal and were able to create a beautiful book that will leave a lasting legacy at Marian.

Journalism is more than writing stories for the newspaper. As my advisers have said time and time again, it is a “student-run organization.” It is a place where we are able to let out our creativity and develop leadership and communication skills. Mrs. Widhalm and Ms. Gallagher have been the best mentors I could ask for. They are constantly trying to work with us so we are able to achieve our goal to produce the best book possible for all of you. Yearbook Camp was my favorite memory of them. We had a great time “stealing” snacks and chairs, and watching “Friends.” Without them and this class, I would not have been able to discover what I truly love to do and would not be pursuing my career as a communications major at Loyola University, Chicago.

I would also like to thank every single one of you for allowing me to capture and tell your stories. A yearbook and newspaper can be time capsules that hold all the events and memories that occurred that year. One day, you will look back in the book and want to remember those moments in the best way possible. These are memories and friendships that you will want to share with your children one day.

Not many people understand how much time and dedication go into creating the book. We begin our process in July and work every single day to our final deadline in June. I have loved being able to create the book in its entirety: the cover, binding, and all the pages in between. The yearbook website is just a blank template, and you have to create the rest. The possibilities are endless. There were those long nights or stressful days, but it pays off in the end.

To future staff members of The Memorare and “The Crown,” the best advice I can give you is to have fun. Do not stress out too much; I know that seems impossible when you are creating a permanent legacy. But trust your staff and your advisers; you are all working together for one common goal. You will meet your deadlines. Be creative with your work. Take pictures from new angles, and constantly be looking for the next story to tell. You have an experience that many others don’t get the chance to see.

Now that yearbook and high school are nearly behind me, I have one thing left to say. I hope you enjoy your yearbooks as much as I have enjoyed making it. The pages can help remember memories of your time as a Hurricane. Yes, the best memories are found within the pages, but my greatest high school memories are the ones of making the book. Thank you to all of my Publications staffs. I will never forget all of the memories I have made with all of you. Best of luck to the future staffs to come.


Nikki Baron (Editor of The Memorare)


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