Letters From the Editors…Gianna Kolner

Gianna Kolner, Memorare Editor

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Dear Readers,

Joining Publications was the greatest decision that I made throughout my career at Marian. It has taught me time management, the importance of meeting deadlines, and how to work with different types of people. I had the opportunity to discover who people truly are, and I was able to have a different view of Marian that no one else really gets. I had the opportunity to tell the stories of the athlete, the straight “A” student, and even the kids that have fantastic talents that nobody has given them recognition for. I never thought that when I signed up for this class that it would it would guide me down the path to my career. I plan to study Sports Journalism, Advertising, and Media at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I hope that future staff members can share the love that I will always have for yearbook. Mrs. Loy, Ms. Gallagher, and Mrs. Widhalm have truly taught me so much, and I will never forget everything that they have taught me. Going to Publications class was a nice break from the school day. Although it was very stressful at times, we always found a way to get it all done. Publications isn’t just a class, and you are not just working hard to get an “A.” I was working hard to make a product that people are paying money to buy. This made me take even more pride in my work. I wanted to create something that was worth buying. This yearbook that we have created this year is the best one yet because Nikki Baron and myself have worked so hard to make it special for ourselves and our classmates.

Yearbook has taught me so much, but without Nikki Baron sticking through this class with me I don’t think I would be an editor today. She has taught me so much about yearbook, and we survived this crazy last year with each other. She has found a way to get me to come out of my shell. I found my best friend, and nobody else will understand the frustrations and pet-peeves that we share when it comes to the yearbook. We have closed two books together so far. I am so excited to close our third and final one together.

Being the final Kolner to walk the halls of Marian, I am ready to say goodbye. I will take with me all the knowledge that Publications has taught me and use it to the best of my ability in my future years to come. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Loy who was the first one to introduce me to my new passion for yearbook. I will also take the memories that I was able to create with Ms. Gallagher and Mrs. Widhalm. Yearbook camp was one of my favorite memories. Watching Netflix and “stealing” snacks with your teachers is not only hilarious but a great time. Without the support, Publications wouldn’t be the same. I am lucky to say that I had the two best teachers at Marian, and I now will have two new friends after graduation.

I hope you enjoy the yearbook that we have made for each and every student. Please also understand all the hard work and time that we have taken to produce something that you will have forever. This book holds all our memories. Some memories we would like to forget and some memories that we will hold with us forever. This book may not mean much to you now, but it will mean so much to you in the future. So don’t lose your yearbook; this will be something you are able to show your kids one day.

To all the future staff members of the Memorare and “The Crown,” don’t stress out too much. It will all get done. Just know you have a staff behind you that will have your back. Enjoy the time you are able to get out of class to take pictures. You have a look behind the scenes of many things that go on at Marian. Have fun and be creative. You never know, you might find a passion that you never knew you had. It might lead down to your career. Thank you to all my Publication staffs. I will cherish the memories I have made with all of you.


Gianna Kolner (Editor of The Memorare)