Back to School Blues

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer & Photographer

The days get shorter, the breeze gets cooler, and that can only mean one thing, summer is coming to an end, fast. Saying goodbye to the warm sun and spending all of one’s time by the pool can come as a hard realization for students. School is starting and students are not looking forward to the beginning of the new year. The start of the year means new classes, waking up early, and lots of homework, which does not please most students.

Going back to school has different effects on students.  When heading back, there are some positives, but lots of negatives in the eyes of a high school student. School can have fun times like, “getting to see friends and meet new people,” according to Bennett Eckstein (10), but can also be stressful and challenging as he explains how he is trying to, “make honor roll all four quarters,” Eckstein (10) continued. Students sometimes feel pressure to get good grades from parents and peers, which can also make them stressed and dread going to school.

It’s luck of the draw when it comes to receiving your class schedule. Students do not get to choose which period they have which class, and that stresses many students out. Class schedules play a large role in how students feel about their days at school.  Schedules determine which teachers a student may have, which of their friends may be in their classes, and how easily they could get to each class with time to spare. “I feel confident about my class schedule because it flows very nicely, my classes are lined up so they are in the same area of the school. Also, I have a lot of friends in my classes so it keeps it fun,” Erica Walker (12) happily says about her own schedule. How much a student may pay attention to be involved during class can be determined by their schedule and surroundings.

Everyone faces challenges in their life. High school can bring unique ones, including grades and test taking. Junior year can be especially tough on students as they will be taking the ACT or SAT.  Ellie Fortin (11), nervously explained how she, “will have some challenges during the year, especially with exams and the ACT. They will be challenging because it takes many hours of studying and exams tend to be difficult.”  Exams and test stress and anxiety are common themes among students and can cause them to dread going back to school.

As we all adjust going back to school, the days will come and go and summer will be here before we know it.  Enjoy the present and live life in the best ways possible. There will be struggles during the school year, but there are also multiple ways to overcome them and make the best of the time that is spent there.  Most students share similar problems throughout school and are more than happy to help each other through them.