Becoming a Hurricane

Emily Richie, Crown Writer & Photographer

As summer winds down, students receive their schedules in the mail and set up their lockers, while teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready for the upcoming school year.  As the 2018-2019 school year approaches Many of the new teachers are excited, nervous, and eager for the school year to begin, but they are all excited to become involved and a part of the hurricane community.

This year, Marian was blessed to gain many new faculty and staff members. The Marian family has grown by gaining nine new faculty members. Ms. Brittany Hull (’08), the science extraordinaire. Ms. Amanda Link, the excellent chemist. Mr. Jacob Tonkin (’10), the superb kinesiologist stepping in as a biology superhero. Mr. Alan Green, the mathematics master. Mr. William O’ Herron, the mathematics professor.  Mr. Eric Knutson, the intuitive brainstormer of business ideas. Mr. Andrew McKay, the musical genius. Mr. Jim Stamatakos, the outstanding college advisor. Fr. Jared Twenty, the enlightening spiritual director. Marian is so grateful for the new teachers and staff to help lead the students to their bright futures.

When summer comes to an end, many students and teachers feel sad that summer is ending, but they are excited about the new school year to start. Sometimes, new teachers may feel nervous due to teaching in a new environment, but with the help of teachers who have previously taught here at Marian, they are sure to have a great year. It sometimes can be nerve-wracking coming to a new school to teach a brand new group of students and to come to a new place in general. To prepare for the school year, many teachers spent time cleaning up their new classrooms and getting familiarized with the school. “I made sure all my papers were ready for all my classes and that the curriculum is ready for the students,” says Hull (‘08).  Teachers want the best for their students so they make sure to spend extra time looking over the curriculum and preparing materials so that the students can have the best possible learning experience.

Besides the nervousness, there also comes the pressure and stress of “making sure you are teaching without failure,” states Tonkin (‘10). At Marian, the teachers are very dedicated to teaching the students the best possible way. They want their students to strive to their fullest potential and succeed in their class. Teachers do not ever want any student to fail and so they make sure that they are always there for extra help if a student needs it. After a couple days the teachers got to see how Marian is. “It’s a bit of a culture shock coming from a Title I school to seeing how respectful the students are and how dedicated they are to learning,” says Link. Marian is dedicated to prepare students for college and to help students strive for the best. As the school year starts to come together the new teachers are adapting well to Marian, and are looking forward to getting to know their students.

Many of the teachers plan to become involved if not already, or become even more “deeply rooted in the Hurricanes’ community” says Tonkin. Teachers can coach their students in the many sports Marian has to offer and they can also help lead current clubs or maybe even start new clubs. Marian puts on plays, musicals, and concerts that teachers plan to attend to “be there and just support the students in any way they can,” Hull says. Both teachers and students enjoy being involved in the Marian community, and it shows. “As a student, it is really nice to see teachers cheering on and supporting students at different events during the school year,” says sophomore Nicole Santopadre.  In addition to the new teachers and staff, the Hurricane community is growing to become greater and greater every year.

As the school year continues, the teachers will soon know everything there is to know about Marian and will be fully involved by the end of the year. New teachers are a great addition to the school. “It’s nice with new teachers because you have a clean slate and a chance to start over because the teachers don’t know you,” says Santopadre (10). With new teachers each year Marian will grow to become an even better school. Although we will miss faculty and staff that leave, Marian will always remember them, and it is time to welcome the new teachers that will become the future influencers of these students lives.