Mission Impossible: Student Success

As the school year progresses, the level of work for students has a tendency to become more rigorous because of a larger workload presented to them by teachers. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage the year in a successful and efficient way. This includes knowing how to prepare for tests, keeping track of homework, and being able to juggle one or more school activities. A successful high school career may be hard to achieve but with a little help, it is not impossible.

The ability to study and take tests productively is a key skill that can assist students to get good grades. “Definitely read the chapter, and going over notes. And I always recommend if it’s a vocab test, making flash cards or some sort of note card so that you can drill yourself at home,” says Mrs. Andrea Radcliffe, an English teacher. Studying for tests is extremely important for the average student, as little or no preparation can often lead to poor grades. This includes looking over notes, as well as writing additional information around the notes that may be important. Aside from proper study habits, simply knowing how to effectively and strategically take a test is important. “Cross off the [answers] you know are not correct,” says Mr. Steve Lalor, a teacher in the Theology Department, adding, “don’t second-guess yourself.” Not changing an original answer choice on troubling questions, and using the process of elimination is a helpful tool to use when taking tests or quizzes. Even for students who would not consider themselves to be fantastic test takers, there are a few tips that could possibly strengthen their aptitude to take tests and quizzes.

Organization can make or break a student. There are a variety of methods that a student can use to organize their papers and assignments at school, but not every student is going to feel comfortable using one certain technique for all of their classes. “Be willing to be flexible… Maybe some classes you do all digital, and maybe some classes you still use that old-school notebook,” says Mrs. Lynn Widhalm, an English teacher, “talk to other people and see what works best for them too.” Plenty of people organize class papers by using a binder or using digital methods, such as OneNote. Shuffling through multiple notebooks and folders can be made easier by finding certain ways of organization that works for you as a student. Keeping track of notes, homework, and tests can be difficult, especially if students are involved in one or more extracurriculars. Sports, clubs, and events can often use up a large majority of the time that could be spent on doing homework and studying. “The most important thing is to maximize your time while you’re at school,” says Widhalm, “…look ahead, prioritize.” When tests are coming up or homework is due, be sure to set a time to focus on these things. Whether a student is in five clubs or none, time management is a useful skill for organization and preparation in school.

Trying to keep track of these many things in school can tend to be quite a hassle and there are times when extra help in certain areas may be needed, such as a specific class. If someone is struggling in a class, what they may need to improve on, academically, is principal. Mr. Lalor recommends to “Get help, early and often. If you already find you’re struggling, ask right away.” To stay on track with lessons that a student might not fully understand, they should get help on the subject almost immediately, so that they do not start to fall behind. If they are past the point of not fully grasping a concept and have become extremely confused, it could be time to get help from a tutor. “NHS always offers tutoring before exams, so take advantage of that,” says Elizabeth Kita (10). The tutors at Marian are part of the National Honors Society (NHS) and are very beneficial if a student needs support in a particular area. There are many options to better a student’s comprehension of a subject in school. Having a strong understanding of the material that is taught in class is important to consistently do well in terms of grades.

A successful student can mean many different things, depending on opinion. Test-taking, note-taking, organization and proper control of students rising workload is almost imperative to be successful in school. Efficient management of classes comes with hard work and a determined attitude. Although it may seem like a lot to handle, there are a variety of resources and help available to better a student’s involvement in their high school career at Marian Central.