Necessary Preparations


Ryan Borchardt, Crown Writer & Photographer

With summer coming to an end and school coming to a start, some preparation is needed for both teachers and students. No more staying up until three or four in the morning, no more sleeping till noon. It’s time to wake up and put on those red and blue uniforms. Students get back to being uniform with the dress codes.  Everyone getting their last-minute school supplies in excitement for the new year.

Getting back to school can be just as rough for the teachers as it is for students. Summer weather starts to end, leaves change color, and rain and wind aren’t out of the norm when going back to school. Mrs. Andrea Radcliffe claims that she had to “review last year’s lessons plans to make them better for this year. Changes were made in order to better the student’s curriculum, and with the changes, it will better the learning and teaching.” This year, some teachers didn’t give homework until students had their new devices.

“I have mixed emotions…I am excited to see all my friends, but I really enjoy the summer,” Chloe Ricafort (10) states about returning to school. This can be an exciting time,  to get to see friends every day again, but it also comes with homework, studying, and stress. In the summertime, students can enjoy their time off and not have to worry about having to study, or even getting their homework done. School can be intriguing for those who enjoy homework or have just had enough of summer and miss the school routine, but the teachers and students need to make the necessary adjustments to their schedules in order to go back to school.

Many students and teachers had to make drastic changes to sleeping schedules. “When school started, I had to get back into a habit of waking up early,” Ricafort (10) said about summer coming to an end. “Usually, I didn’t have a normal time to wake up, but now, I have to wake up at five in the morning.” Summer allows for teachers and students to sleep in but when the school year arrives, many have to convert back to a “school sleep schedule.” This often includes going to bed earlier and waking up early, especially for students who don’t live necessarily close to the school.

Prepping for back to school can include radical changes for both students and teachers. Many students have to adjust their schedules and purchase school supplies and books. Teachers often do the same, but also, critique their teaching styles from previous years to fit the new school years requirements and needs.