Every Life Matters

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

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The Marian Central family is so excited to have Pro-Life club back up and running again. The organization is “raising awareness around the school for Pro-Life,” says Alyssa Graf (10). The club is about helping the local community with service projects and to promote pro-life. Any students who are interested or want to help should join the Pro-Life club.

Pro-Life is the belief of being against abortion and euthanasia. By joining this club, students are able to make a difference in the Marian Central community by bringing awareness to a cause so important in our Catholic faith. Meetings are held about once a month on the second or third Tuesday in Room 128. In the Pro-Life club, students participate in service projects, help out around the community, and promote awareness for Pro-Life. 

Each year the Pro-Life club spearheads a baby drive to provide materials and items for women who are pregnant to help alleviate any additional stresses of pregnancy. Students are encouraged to provide items ranging from bottles to onesies to diapers and baby wipes. The Pro-Life club donates the baby items to First Way Pregnancy Center. It is a great fundraiser that the club is proud to do again this year and to continue the tradition for years to come. In addition to their service, the Pro-Life club is helping bring further awareness to the students of Marian. Every first-hour class will spiritually adopt a region of the world to pray for. Each class will pray every day or once a week for their region and mothers in the region thinking about abortion. Other fundraisers and activities include local events like March for Life Chicago, Pro-Life chain in Crystal Lake, and other local events. With more events around our community and outside the Marian community, this club positively promote awareness to others in the building.

Students have many reasons they joined the Pro-Life club. “It is a way to become more involved with the school,” says Caroline Binotti (10). “I am Pro-Life and that has always been something I have been interested in,” said Madison Shepard (9). “It looked like fun and it is a good cause worth fighting for,” Shepard (9). An important aspect of the Catholic faith is being Pro-Life. With more members, the club can expand and brainstorm more ideas to grow as a club and as a family. The club can promote more Pro-Life awareness and make the school a more conscientious place.

The Pro-Life club was on hiatus for a few years but was brought back to the Marian community during the 2017-2018 school year. Standing up for what you believe in can be hard, but with more people, it can make it easier to spread awareness and support one another. Countless memories and friendships are made, that will last a lifetime. Clubs are fun to participate in and are a great way to get involved in the Hurricane community.


**For more information about the Pro-life club, see Ms. Widhalm in room 128 or Alyssa Graf.**

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