Soccer Senioritis

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

Soccer is a favorite sport for many people, especially at Marian Central.  The boy’s soccer season is in full swing and fans are excited. The Hurricane’s boys soccer team features five seniors within the team of nineteen players. Seniors Conor Werfelmann, Robert Sbarounis, Aiden McCrea, Brandon Widmayer, and Jacob Farley look forward to the rest of their final season at Marian Central.

Eleven players take the field at a time filling positions: goalie, defense, midfielders, and forwards. Each player has a specific position that they play throughout the game. “I play center midfielder, I like to play it because I get to cover the entire field at one time and it’s very fun,” gladly explains senior Robert Sbarounis. Every person on the field has a special job, and together they all work together to win the game.

Soccer isn’t always a serious game for the hurricanes boys, as jokes are being cracked every which way. The comradery between the players helps them to be more compatible and play more in sync with each other during the game. The boys smiled and laughed as they looked back and remembered all the funny moments during past seasons that made them the team they are today. Senior Conor Werfelmann laughs as he says “I think I am the funniest on the team, I always make jokes and am also the best dancer, don’t tell Robert I said that.” The boys love to mess around with each other and have fun while playing the sport they love.

With the end of the 2018 season coming, the seniors are starting to realize that some of their soccer careers may be coming to an end. The end of the season can bring upon sad times among the seniors as they look back on the years. As senior Jacob Farley reminisces on his past seasons of Hurricane soccer, he tells how he will be “Sad that the rides almost over. It’s my last year of soccer and I will miss it.”  All the seniors expressed and feeling of sadness, but excitement for what is to come in their future after leaving high school.

Nine juniors will follow in their footsteps and lead the team in the season of 2019, along with the rest of the team to help out. The seniors have learned many things throughout their four high school seasons like to keep committed, listen to the coach, and take the sport seriously, while still having fun. There are still many games left for the seniors to enjoy and for fans to watch their favorite team play.