Loco For Hoco

Jordyn Balduf, Crown Writer and Photographer

Homecoming is an annual event or dance that takes place at the beginning of each school year to spread school spirit or “camaraderie” throughout. However, a definition can not begin to explain the unforgettable memories formed by the students. Homecoming week and all it entails is right around the corner. The intense competition between the juniors and seniors for the tradition of Powderpuff, students try to outdo each other with wild outfits for spirit week, and the pressure on the football players to secure a win for the big homecoming football game are events that help Marian Central students to come together and grow as a family. Students never want the week to end. With hard work from student council, year after year new diverse themes surface to the Marian halls.  Highlighting the past and looking forward to the future, the 2018-2019 Homecoming theme was “Timeless” in celebrating the 60th anniversary of Marian. 

The excitement builds as girls frantically struggle to find the perfect fit for their homecoming dress, students scour the thrift stores looking for costumes for the theme days, and freshmen are getting asked for their first times in the busy hallways. The stress of getting ready with other time commitments can become daunting.  Faith Diamond (11) explains, “I am very lucky this year to be able to take my time getting ready.” Varsity volleyball does not have a tournament scheduled for the day of homecoming. “Last year I went straight from my tournament to the dance itself. it was really funny running out of the building with my team so that we can all make our appointments.” The whole program was relieved. 

Homecoming would not be possible without the Student Council’s hard work.  The student council has a lot on their plate to make sure every detail goes as planned. Countless meetings set, streamers occupy the walls and colorful lights shine down on the students. “Everyone tries to come up with creative ideas to contribute to for this year’s homecoming,” says Diamond (11). On the morning of the dance, student council walks into Marian with unique ideas in their head to decorate the gym just how they envisioned it. Students graciously volunteer their time to assist with decorating the walls and setting up tables. It is a monumental task that takes all of the Hurricanes to work together as a family to bring the vision to life to create memories to last a lifetime.

The excitement among the grades is infectious during Homecoming Week. “Homecoming is important to me because I think it’s a good way to get a whole grade together and have a fun time. I have really high expectations.” Madelyn Denmin (9) said with a smile. Coming from her old school, Denman (9) said this type of event is foreign to her. However, she will do everything in her power to make it her best. 2018 is a year of firsts and lasts. Freshmen don’t know what to expect coming into the week. On the other hand, this is the last run for the seniors. Homecoming is a really good way for the freshmen to celebrate the new friends that they have made, but also the first step to a solemn goodbye from the class of 2019.

With heavy hearts, the week of fun will soon come to a close. However, with the tradition of homecoming, unforgettable memories will also be passed down to further generations. Freshmen know now what to expect for future years, and the seniors conclude their very last homecoming week here at Marian