A New Member to Our Family


Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer and Photographer

This year Marian welcomes a new face. There has been an absence of the full-time priest position for the since Father Thomas Doyle left after the 2016-2017 school year. Last year there was a part-time priest, but that didn’t fill the spiritual hole that was still missing in the Marian family. Now, Marian has a new welcomed a new full-time priest, Father Jared Twenty.

Being the new face in the building could be a little daunting, but Father Twenty is excited about this new adventure.  “It has been great. First and foremost the students have been really welcoming, and fun. I like that everyone takes their school work seriously, their extracurriculars seriously, and there is a strong sense of community, and faith throughout the school.” Father shares the same ideals that we as a school have, and he will make a great fit as the year progresses.

Father loves the way he has transitioned into the school so far. Of course, there is still a period of adjusting and learning where things are, but it has been smooth. “Overall the transition has been great. I always like new challenges and it’s in a fun stage of getting to know people. It has been very smooth so I’m happy,” Father says with a smile. He also plans on being very involved with the students. He has already attended sports games, club activities and he has said mass for multiple clubs.

Father hopes to attend as many extracurricular activities as he is available to, and he will be active in the grade retreats. Father is becoming familiar with the schedule and getting comfortable with his new position. Father plans to also interact with students during class masses and plans to talk to all Theology classes as well.

Our new Marian family member has been welcomed with open arms. Students see him as a friend and a trustworthy confidant to have a conversation with.  It is a blessing that Marian has this new addition to our family.