Marian Spikes Back

The Marian Central volleyball team is as fierce as ever, running onto the court with all of their energy. As they stare through the net at their opponents, they wait for the first serve to come over. The feeling of anticipation fills the gym as the serve flys over from the other team. The Hurricanes show their passion for volleyball by cheering for their teammates, keeping and making traditions, and ultimately working as a team.

When playing volleyball, a player must be determined and eager to play. The coaches put an unconditional amount of effort into the practices to get the girls to compete at a higher level. “I started volleyball because this passion turned into a love for the game and I can’t wait to see what we do this year,” said Gabrielle Davis (11). Davis made the first priority of her freshman volleyball career to be playing on varsity. The Marian Volleyball team shows their love for volleyball by never giving up and always cheering for their teammates.

Being part of a team is a great way to find new people and to learn how to work with others who enjoy the same activity. As the seasons fly by, the team develops and becomes a family. In her last season, Lilly Leggett (12) shares how her love for the team, “To me the team is a family outside of my actual family. I like meeting new people who are on the junior varsity team and the new players on varsity. I only feel warmth all around.” During the game, the players sit on the sidelines and they motivate the ones on the court by yelling different chants and cheering them on. It teaches a good work ethic and the players work hard to reach success.

As generations passed by, Marian has kept and created new traditions for their sports teams. The volleyball team has many traditions that they do every year. The coaches came up with a variety of traditions to make the team feel comfortable.  “At the start of every season we come up with a team phrase as a program and we all get identical T-shirts with the phrase on the back. There is a retreat at the beginning of every season and we like to pray at the end of every practice and before every game” explained, Coach Brooke Poci. The volleyball team has a unique process for selecting a new captain. The girls are interviewed and asked why they are devoted to being captain of the team. This process teaches the girls to get involved and to become a leader.  

The Marian Central volleyball team is a great success. As they get together every day and practice, their tough grind makes them individually better players. When being on the team, the girls learn life skills that they will use in their future. Some of the life skills they could potentially earn are working as a collective team, striving to do their personal best, and making lifelong friendships and bonds with their teammates. Overall, the Marian Central volleyball team has come together and has created a bond like no other.