Tennis Transformation

Alexis Potash, Crown Writer and Photographer

A season of serves like none before. A new coach has taken over the Girl’s Tennis team, Coach Gina Jasovic.  Along with a new coach, there was also a more intense practice schedule that has been implemented including a new weight training and conditioning schedule.

A new uniform is now being worn by the girls as well. The old uniforms of red and black are being replaced by an all-white uniform this year.  Senior Lindsey Litterer who has been playing on the varsity team for two years said, “It was definitely an adjustment to the new coaching, and practice style, but hopefully it will lead to us winning more matches. As for the uniforms, they will take getting used to.” The team is very optimistic about the positive changes made to the season.

At this point of the season, the Varsity team has won matches, but have bonded both on and off the court.  Senior Madeline Reyes gives a clear depiction of what it means to be apart of the team. “Being apart of a Marian team, in general, I’d say is fun because you get to experience teamwork while doing something you enjoy.” Reyes plays doubles and has been on Varsity for two years. When asked if she plays better at home or at away games she said it does not matter to her as long as she is focused.

Recently, the team played against Nazareth Academy and suffered a loss. But Reyes said, “losing only forces me to work a little harder.” Litterer called the sport “hard work, yet rewarding.” Their last home game on September 17, senior night, the team followed the new tradition, playing with their parents, as well as received gifts from Coach Jasovic.  This new tradition brought to light the close involvement of both players and families for the time they have dedicated to this sport. On a senior night, the girls played against Lakes and unfortunately lost. But even though they lost, they still gave an incredible effort and showed their sportsmanship.

With still time left in this season the Girl’s tennis team will continue to evolve, and better themselves. Coach Jasovic has given new opportunities as well as tradition to the players. Girls tennis is truly in a transitional period and has transformed into a new team this season.