A Glimpse of Our Educators


Amber Gorbel, Crown writer and photographer

From the moment they got their degree, to the first time standing at the front of a room full of students, teachers were probably asking themselves if they are ready to do this as their lifelong career. They did not go to college for four to five years to study something they did not enjoy.  

 A teacher’s ultimate goal is to drive students to want to learn more about a specific topic. Every teacher has their own critical way of teaching. Not only do they advise the knowledge that they already know, but they interpret the information in different ways for students to understand better. “As a teacher, my goal is to help students think critically, evaluate information and solve problems. These skills will help them in the future when it does not apply to school,” said Dr. Glenn Pinnau. The job of teachers is not always just to make sure their students pass the class, but to teach them the proficiency that may benefit them for later life. A common belief among teachers is to prepare their students for the near future and to make sure they can understand and apply what they are learning.

Many people believe that teachers help students, which is true, but students also help teachers.  When teachers get friendly feedback from students, they become more confident in their teaching abilities. Teacher’s hope that their students want more than just getting good grades. “I want students to always believe in themselves and not let school hold them back for who they are as a person. My room will always be a safe place for students to come in and take a breather. I strive to build young students up and teach them that life lessons aren’t always taught in school,” said Mrs. Christine Connell. No student should feel intimidated to ask questions because there is most likely another person wondering the same thing.  Students will feel much more comfortable at school when they know they can be themselves, and that’s what teachers like to see.

At Marian, teaching is a little different. Not only do teachers prepare students academically, but they ensure that each individual leaves Marian with a stronger faith. “It is a wonderful opportunity for students to have an amazing encounter with God. They can learn about the faith not only in theology class but through retreats, Mass and the chapel that is open for all” said Miss Amy Deitz.  Many teachers come to Marian because they have the knowledge to teach advanced students but also because they want to pray and follow the Catholic faith with them as well.  Deitz explained how she ended up being a teacher at Marian. “I prayed to know what God’s will was for me and soon it felt clear that the holy spirit was prompting me to teach theology.” Just like Miss Deitz, many of the Marian teachers have found a love for teaching through God. 

In the end, every teacher has their own unique way of teaching, instilling new goals every year, and challenging their students to grow in their learning. The goals they set for students can have a lasting impact on students lives. All of the teachers at Marian seek and hope that their students will excel and many of them are so proud to have taught at Marian Central Catholic High School.