Da Bears are Back in Town


Molly Fitzgerald, Crown Writer and Photographer

It’s October, which means football is in full gear. The Chicago Bears have been doing fairly well so far this season with a 3-3  record. One of their losses this season have been to the Green Bay Packers, who they will face again in December. Their second loss was to the Dolphins this past weekend, ending with a score of  28-31. The game went into overtime and the Dolphins kicker, Jason Sanders, made the game-winning kick. Their final loss, this past Sunday to the Patriots, ended in a score of 31-38. The Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who was their first-round draft pick in 2017, has been doing well so far this season with 1,594 yards. There is still much more football to be played. The entire team is ready for the competition every upcoming Sunday.

Many people enjoy watching the Bears including, Russell Thielsen (10)  said, “I like watching the Bears because I’ve been a die hard Bears fan since I was little and they used to be bad but now, they’re coming together and becoming a much better team overall.” The Bears have had an under 500 record for the past four seasons and this is the season for a change. Another Bears fanatic, Brian Hopp (10) said, “I think that the Bears will beat the Packers in December because they were close to beating them the first time and they have developed more as a team and are more prepared.” The Bears and the Packers have been rivals forever and the rivalry isn’t going to end any time soon.

The Bears will be playing the Jets, Bills, and the Lions the next few weekends and that will be the real test to see how much more they have improved. The Bears may go far this season if they continue to work together and focus on their offensive plays, as well as their defensive if they want to have a great season.