Halloween Hauntings

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer & Photographer

Fall is here and that means one thing, the Halloween season has begun. Spooky season approaches while the trees turn from happy green to a dark, eerie brown and red. As families decorate their houses for this special occasion, children become fascinated with ghouls, goblins and all things scary. If thrills and scares aren’t one’s ideal way to spend the day, then fall festivals and corn mazes always do the trick to get one into the cozy autumn mood.

Haunted houses are a major attraction for kids and teens who are looking for a good scare. These pop-up attractions can be found almost everywhere during Halloween. This is an ideal place to visit if someone is looking for a good scare. “I went on the Haunted Hayride in McHenry and I would rate it a seven out of ten for scariness. I’m kinda a baby and get scared super easily, but I still love going to haunted houses they’re so much fun,” told Ingrid Reyes (10). A haunted house or attraction is very popular among people of all ages, especially during the fall season.

These houses of horror can also be not-so-scary. Owen Stanko (10) shares that “when the actors are being really loud it makes it not scary because you can hear them coming towards you so it ruins the surprise.” Whether the actors intend to or not, specific things that they may do can cause a haunted house to be terrifying, or merely a laugh.

Some people don’t live for the thrills and terror caused by a haunted house. This can be caused by a previous childhood event or just a regular fear. “When I was younger, I went to a haunted house and I put my hand in something and I didn’t know what it was. It turned out to be a sink full of fake blood. It really freaked me out as a little kid and I ran out of there.” explains Maddie Hogel (11) as she remembers this moment of her life. Previous events in someone’s life can make them dread the Halloween time and the season.

The cool weather and falling leaves create a cozy environment that would make anyone want to put on a big sweater and drink some apple cider. Halloween and the fall season is a fun time no matter what someone likes. It also gives many the urge to receive a good scare from a local haunted house or horror movie.